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The Creature

No description

gyasi sweeney

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of The Creature

The Creature
Tone Words- Melancholy, mournful, somber, regretful, sad

Rational: The creature is alone. When G-Eazy says "Me, Myself and I" it is how the creature is feeling.
Tone Words- Electric, scary, anxious, catchy, dramatic.
Rationale: Victor creates a monster who is dead like the music video Thriller.
Tone Words- Compassion, Sweet, loving, passionate.
Rationale-The monster seeks for love and the song is about seeking love.
Scene- The creature is alone longing to be a part of the family which he has been watching
Scene-The creature comes to life after all of victors hard work, but terror begins to rise in him as he realizes what he created
Scene- The monster asks victor why victor rejects him. Expressing his longing for acceptance.
Tone Words- sad, alone, meloncholy, lonely, upset
rationale- The creature feels alone wishing he could be a different person, he feels like he's "floating threw the wind"
Scene- the creature is wandering threw the windy icy wastes, not sure of where he is going.
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