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Copy of Informative vs. Argumentative

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Jenna Townsend

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Informative vs. Argumentative

Lets Look At Some Examples
You will be shown the thesis of
an example essay, and you need to decide if it
is an argument or informational essay.
Brainstorm: What words might you expect in an opinion?
Argument Essays
We will be comparing two types
of essays,
. Today we will have a quick overview of the basic components of both.
Informative Essays
Argumentative Essays
As Ricky Ricardo was known for saying,
"Lucy, you have some 'splainin to do."
In informative essays you will be doing
some "'splainin" of your own.
Informative essays are essays where the purpose is to
, or as I like to say,
your reader about the topic.

ative =
ository =
Informative essays use
textual evidence
, but
no opinion
to explain the topic/issue/question to your reader.
Each informative essay will include
thesis statement
. It is the job of the author
to explain the thesis to the reader in the body paragraphs. This thesis will not contain an opinion:
The key differences between a dog and a cat are their size, their behavior, and their activities of choice.
Argument essays
are different. Dr. Martin Luther
King Jr. was one of the best argumentative
speakers of the 20th century. He argued
that all men are created equal and
SHOULD be treated equally.
(He gave his opinion)
Argument essays are essays in which the author works to
the reader how to act or think.
Argument essays will also use
textual evidence
. However, instead
of using them to explain, this time
they are used to
Argumentative essays also include a thesis.
The difference is that the thesis of an
argument essay has an opinion and is called a

Dogs are better than cats because they travel well,
play fetch, and are loyal.
Both types of essays are
formatted the same.
So what is the difference?
In an informative essay, my job is to
. That's it.

In an argument essay, if I give my reasons
for by opinion and my
reader does not agree at the end, then I
did not do my job. My job is to
In informative essays you are to inform the reader about a particular topic. In this type of essay, you can’t express your own opinion.
In argument essays you are concerned with getting your reader to think/believe/do what you do. You know you are right, you will always will be right, and everyone should agree.
Example Two:
There are many causes of Asthma Attacks,
including smoke, exercise, and perfume.
Example One:
High school is much better than middle school because...
"Better" is an opinion word. Does everyone agree? No! We now expect this author to give us reasons high school is better than middle school.
Notice how this one addresses factual information about the causes of asthma attacks. They are providing information, rather than arguing opinions.
Example Three:
Making homemade bread includes
only a few steps.
This includes INFORMATION on HOW to make homemade bread. It provides facts.
Example Four:
Everyone should give money or time to charity every year because it provides the volunteer with a great feeling, prevents the volunteer form becoming selfish, and helps people in need.
This argues reasons why everyone SHOULD give to charity. It is trying to change the way the reader thinks/believes/acts. This makes it an argument essay.
Take a moment to complete a Venn Diagram comparing informative essays with argument essays.
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