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Key Figures in the History of Physchology

Kayla Evans

Kayla Evans

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Key Figures in the History of Physchology

John B. Watson believed Psychology should be the science of observable behavior
"Little Albert" experiments
conditioned a child to associate a rat with loud sounds Key Figures in Psychology! By Kayla Evans :) emphasized human potential influenced psychology and education
major humanist thinker
famous for non directive approach to treatment
concept of the actualizing tendency
developed concept of fully functioning person
leader of behaviorism
contributed to experimental psychology
studied how consequences shape behavior "Father of Psychoanalysis" Wilhelm Wundt Carl Rogers B.F. Skinner Sigmund Freud "Father of Psychology" opened first lab dedicated to psychology in Germany in 1879
analyzed mind in more structured way
studied reaction times and sensory processes and attention
founded structuralim
showed that psychology could be a valid experimental science believed that not all illnesses have physiological causes
cultural differences impact psychology and behavior
his writings helped us understand personality, clinical psychology, human development, and abnormal psychology early 1900's
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