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Mitchell Nick

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Lakotas!

Government or Roles of Men and Women
Mitchell and Nick


Social Studies 7S

September 2012

Native American Culture Study
The Great Plains
The Lakota lived in present day Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. There are a lot of plateaus and grasslands where the Lakota lived. Also, the Black Hills are a land feature by where the Lakota lived.Their climate consisted of very cold winters as in negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit and very hot summers.
The Lakota believed that food was sacred. The main food source was American bison or buffalo.They killed bison with their horses. Fish, fruits, and vegetables were gathered and traded. Wohanpi is a traditional soup that Lakota liked.
They used animal hides which they had to hunt. Women wore dresses for years that would contain specific information about the wearer. Certain symbols referred to a women's tribes. At home men would wear breech-cloth and moccasins. Men dressed better for really good occasions. Other wise only cloth and moccasins.
They lived in teepee's
that are constructed with
twelve sticks sticking out
of the top.The outside of the teepee was made of leather from which they got from trading.
The woman were in charge of the house (teepee).They brought the house where ever the Lakota moved. The men were hunters and warriors and they were responsible for keeping the children and family safe. Usually men would become chief, but both genders would do storytelling, artwork, and music.Their main Leader was Crazy Horse.

Horse's were the main transportation
device for land. Also, the canoes were used
for water transportation.
They past down artwork and storytelling from generation to generation. Elders shared tales to younger kids to preserve the culture.
The Lakota Songs
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