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Summary Writing IGCSE ESL

No description

I Hopwood

on 29 June 2014

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Transcript of Summary Writing IGCSE ESL

Exam Tip #1
CORE: Exercise 4 & 5 relate to our summary writing tasks today

EXTENDED: Mainly exercise 5 relates to our summary writing tasks today
Exam Tip #2
Firstly, you will read a text given to you in the exam question:

A summary question will normally direct you to a specific area of the text or to a specific set of information
Exam Tip #3
Try to find and define any difficult vocabulary that you come across

Thinking of other synonyms/antonyms will help your understanding and later make your writing original too by being able to use your own words (p.s: this means extra marks! :) )
Exam Tip #4
-Read the exam question; highlight key instructions
-Read the text carefully with this in mind; similarly highlight the key info
Core or Extended, why not make a few rough notes about key info you come across as you read? You could use this later to help organise your ideas for the specfic exam question requirements
Exam Tip #5
How many marks?
Core: Ex4 = 7 reading marks
Ex5 = 5 writing marks

Extended: Ex5 = 6 reading & 5 writing
How do I get them?
Let's take a look at the past paper & the mark scheme:

We can divide the marks into 2 different categories:
-Content (Proves R skills)
-Language (Proves W skills)

Use this to mark the example answer...
Exam Tip #6
Use this as an additional checklist:
-Word Count?
-On topic?/Answers question?
-All key info?
-Connected sentences?
-Grammar, spelling, punctuation?
-Own words used?
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