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Web 2.0 for Teachers

Ideas about how teachers can use Web 2.0 technologies for their career and professional development

Paul Hill

on 27 August 2010

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Transcript of Web 2.0 for Teachers

Personal Learning
Network World Wide Web 2.0 Social
Bookmarking Creating a Engage deeper Keeping track Feeding back into the network... If you want to then you need to use the... This is the of Blogs, Wikis and other tools that allow Joe Blogs (couldn't resist) to become the author the Imagine you wanted to explain more fully what you’ve done with your students; how you did it, what the challenges were; and even get some feedback on what to do next. You really need a way to log your thoughts and allow others to comment on your ideas and give you feedback, perhaps over the web – so what you need is a WEB LOG or Each time you ‘post’ your thoughts one your blog it’s given a date stamp. Your 'posts' are arranged in chronological order. You can associate key words with each 'post' – these are called 'tags'. People who read your blog posts and are interested in your ideas will often leave comments Now your thoughts have changed from a monologue into a dialogue! So, how do you keep track of all new content on the web; the new blog post, the interesting web sites, the YouTube videos – it could soon become completely overwhelming! The answer is...
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