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No description

Nia White

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of Consciousness


What is Consciousness?

“Consciousness is your awareness of everything that is going on around you and inside your own head at any given moment, which you use to organize your own behavior, including thoughts, sensations, and feelings.” (Ciccarelli & White 2015)
Waking Consciousness:
Alert with clear perceptions

Suprachiasmatic nucleus- “the internal clock that tells people to wake up and when to fall asleep.” (Ciccarelli & White 2015)
Stages of Sleep
• N1(R&K Stage 1): Light
• N2 (R&K Stage 2): Spindles
• N3 (R&K Stages 3&4): Deep


Sigmund Freud
• Manifest Content- the plot
• Latent Content- the underlying meaning

Nia White
November 18, 2016

Altered State of
Less alert with
muddled perceptions
Activation-synthesis hypothesis (Activation-information-mode model)
• Frontal lobes (where we think) are not active
• In pons area of brain
• Signals are sent to area of cortex that interpret the senses
• Signals are not coming from external stimuli the way they do when we are awake
• Activation-information model: recent memories influence the information used during the dream

Sleep Paralysis
Sleep Disorders
REM behavior disorder- jerk around in sleep

Night Terrors- panic during sleep

Sleepwalking/somnambulism- “sitting, walking, or performing complex behavior while asleep” (Ciccarelli & White 2015)

Insomnia- unable to get to sleep and/or stay asleep

Sleep Apnea –breathing stops for at least ten seconds

Narcolepsy- go into REM sleep randomly during the day

Enuresis- Urinate during sleep

There is alot of available information on consciousness. Yet, some aspects are unexplained and will probably remain that way.
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