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utah state report.

No description

faith kim

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of utah state report.

Utah State Report By: Faith Kim The first people who lived in Utah were the Paleo-Indians.
The founders of Utah were Franciscan Friars and Esclante.
The original state flag had a solid white seal on a light blue background.
Utah is know for their honey and bees.
Utah's nickname is The Beehive State.
The state flower is the Sega Lily.
The state bird is the California Gull. History Utah is a western state.
It is bordered on the north by Idaho and Wyoming.
On the east is Colorado.
On the south is Arizona.
On the west is Nevada.
Utah has many mesas which are highly colored canyons.
Utah's climate is very dry and warm. Government Economy and Education Introduction let me i started 4 u already......
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