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Women in Art: Composition

No description

Dawn Blum

on 12 May 2017

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Transcript of Women in Art: Composition

the placement or arrangement of elements within the picture plane
in 2D art, good composition occurs when the elements within the picture plane are in balance
vs landscape
golden section
golden mean
the golden mean is 1 : 1.618
occurs in nature and in design
golden ratio
divine proportion
fibonacci sequence
in nature
in design
the parthenon
the pyramids
renaissance architects and painters determined how to perfectly divide 2D space
simplification of the golden mean:
the rule of thirds
Grace Lin
Vivian Maier
July, 1956
Samah, 2012
Leonardo Bonacci (Fibonacci) 1170 - 1250 CE
Vivian Maier
July, 1956
Ali Cavanaugh
Fading into a Luminous Lucidity, 2009
Ali Cavanaugh
Fading into a Luminous Lucidity, 2009
Grace Lin
Samah, 2012
Allison Elizabeth Taylor
Swimming Pool, 2006
Allison Elizabeth Taylor
Swimming Pool, 2006
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