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DiTech Examples

Short flash DiTech presentation

Tim King

on 14 September 2010

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Transcript of DiTech Examples

Smartboard As a Digital Window Smartboard
advantages: tactile interface engages
learners size encourages a shared
digital experience multimedia ready shared internet is a new idea! Using the internet
to leverage media learning opportunities! word clouds based
on word usage Advantages: easy to use easy to play with
(make changes, try
new combinations) uses other intelligences
to get at word usage especially helpful with
our weakest demographic:
applied, non-reading,
non-writing boys The Lesson: partner up and find
lyrics for a song use many screens
to speed up access
and encourage play
with the wordle system use the public wordle
save function to make
song lyric wordles available
to everyone use the smartboard to
review digital work (this
almost never happens at
the moment - digital work
is locked away on individual
screens! review student work
pretty much 'live' www.wordle.net Differentiation: big idea: vocabulary & word choice:,
how repetition of words can enhance
meaning one way: input into
sharing way two: write your own
lyrics and wordle them way three: read multiple
sets of lyrics looking for
common themes by word
choice way four: compare repetition
of word choice between
poetry and lyrics way five: look for
repetition of word choice
in a random page of the
class novel way six: consider expressive
word choice options in a staged
argument HI THERE
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