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No description

Brett Whittington

on 9 December 2016

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Transcript of Vision

How does that play out in WCKids?
to support Parents by connecting kids to Christ
teaching kids to love the Lord THEIR God with all their heart, soul and mind.
To Glorify God by being...
The Soul = the life of a child. We identify the Soul by the choices a person makes. So we want to give kids the opportunity to choose worship!
If what we know influences the choices we make then we want to teach kids to apply scripture to their life!
We are to love God with all our mind.
We are to love the our God with all our heart.
The heart is the mind & emotions. We want kids to have a personal relationship with Jesus, because they can't love him with who they are until they trust him for who he is.
Matt. 22:36
Small Group leaders are mature believers that speak into the life of each child.
Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1Cor. 10:31
We provide opportunities for kids to express their worship in service and by serving.
We provide opportunities for kids to learn the scripture.
How can we use Awana to support our vision?
Awana's vision is to reach kids with the love of Christ.

This is the 1st step in connecting kids to Christ.
We provide opportunities for kids build a relationship with Jesus, a small group leader and kids their age.
Awana put me in contact with a few churches that are being innovative in their implementation. From this research I have put together a plan, I believe will make us more effective and able to reach more kids.
Where kids can say verses and receive help remembering them.
Small Group
to build relationships...
I want to put a Small Group leader in the life of every child.
Large Group
to give kids a chance to worship and learn
Game Time
What's being added
Realm Check-in
Awana's new cloud-based tracking software
Small Group
The Captain Coach Concept ll
The Captain Coach Concept
Kids will have a chance to receive help and work on their verse during Charge Up.
10-10:30am on Sundays
Sunday morning Small Group leaders will elevate the importance of verses by using some of their time to check-off sections.
Connecting Sunday & Wednesday
Putting a Small Group Leader In the Life of Every Child
A time to Worship
A time to Learn
A time for Fun
...to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up... Eph. 4:12
Because we are going to train up young worshipers and give them the chance to choose to worship.
Because "FUN" is a tool that keeps kids coming back
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