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No description

Michael Thompson

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Fun

Our Universe Main Characters Web Series App Game Ideas Distant Future Alternate Universe Machines have simplified human life. Humans have no more responsibility
and only live for fun. One day someone has too much fun.
This causes a Breakdown.

The machines stop working properly.

Humanity needs to rebuild society
without machines.

Fun is not the only thing
that matters anymore. TOM MOT 25-year-old Male 65-year-old Male FunBot Tries to have fun without machines. Tries to have fun with machines. "Traditionalist" "Realist" Wants to live off of the Earth. Wants to return to the old ways. Best Friends Two Modes Pre-Apocalypse Post-Apocalypse Searches for fun things to do in
your area. Responds to voice commands. Plans the best route via GPS. Suggests non-fun places to go as
a joke. Plans incorrect and funny routes via GPS. Mimics voice commands in a mocking tone. Based on a FunBot They are aided by FunBots, floating spheres. Feminine
Repaired by MOT after the Breakdown.
Not fully functional.
Likes to have at TOM/MOT's expense. TOM and MOT wander a Post-Apocalyptic city. Recurring Characters Follow the FunBot iPad Game Fun King Female Antagonist Satirical comedy 3-5 Minute Episodes Interactivity Platforms Many More! They follow the FunBot
in search of fun. Together they learn what it is to be human. Practical Fun Needs to be simple and fun. THE END
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