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No description

Amrita Dahal Phuyal

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of journalism

Journalism is the subject related with media and reporting.I am very much interested with media .I like to write article reading newspaper,research new things.It is important for world.It includes the news, article,report,magazine,journal etc.
Some medium of Media
Why I choose Journalism
Scope of Journalism

Get information
Job opportunities
Helps to know What had happened in the world
Good communication with others
To be a best person
Get entertainments
Build relationship with different people
Familiar in mass
Get a new information of the world
History of Journalism
A history of journalism or the development of the gathering and transmitting of news,spans the growth of technology and trade.
It began from the print media, so print media is the first part of the journalism.It include newspaper, magazine etc.
It is the primary medium of journalists since 1700,with magazine added in the 18th century,radio and television in the 20th century and the Internet in the 21st century.
The invention of the movable type printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1456.
First periodical was issued in Latin Semiannual.
So the history of journalism began with the printing press
Electronic media,2011
colum, 2013
Future of Journalism
It has a bright future because the scope of journalism is very large. There are so many factors of journalism,such as reporting,editing, anchoring, photography,writing etc.
Nowadays the world is very much influenced by internet. Everythings depends on internet. therfore internet play vital role in journalism also.At last people can success in their life after finishing the corse.
Career Aspects
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Newspaper & Magazine
Journalism is the subject based on writing, reporting, and reading.
In the world there are so many newspaper and magazines are use in daily life.
People wants to know about the world and the happenings of the world.
It helps to get information in day to day.
Newspaper is the first media of journalism subject and it still alive in present and the future days also.

Broadcast media
TV, Radio, online media
There are so many factors in broadcast media, for examle:
News presentation
Stage presenter

Photography is another important factor of journalism
Photography play vital role in journalism
In media photo use in newspaper, magazine, tv and internet
Good photo makes news perfect and give good meaning about the news
So phtography is also one factor of journalism
Thank you for watching
The end
ABC Accuracy, Balance and Credibility
Beat A beat is a particular topic or subject area that a reporters covers
Banner The printed headline in large letters, which is in the column of newspaper
Byline The name of person or organization who wrote the news
Cartoon A picture used in media for satire the news
Column Vertical division of news page
Dateline The date and place, which is written at the beginning of newspaper , magazine
Deadline The last date or time by which a news report must be submitted
Ear panel The adjustment can be given on the left or right side of top of the page
Editing Removing the unnecessary information and keeping essential information
Feature The news which is given in the last part of the newspaper
Flash news The headline of news are given in flash
Headline The topic of news or the important pert of news story
Lead The first part or introduction of News
Jump The remaining portion of news story can be managed other page
Nameplate The name of newspaper
NEWS North, East, West and South
News angle The hook of the news, which is known as news peg
Photo Caption The meaning of photo, which put in the newspaper or other media
Ribbon The headline written in single line covers horizontal distance
Style Book The book which considered the rule of news.
Tag-line Used in below the main headline to signify the source

Amrita Dahal Phuyal
From: Nepal
DOB: 1991/03/28
Student no. n8932433
Name Amrita Dahal Phuyal
Dob 1991/03/28
From Nepal
Nationality Nepali

News writer

Creative Industries
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