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Christina D

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of Antarctica

Antarctica Penguins
Emperor penguin
Adelie penguin tertiary Adelie Quarternary Whales
Killer whale
sperm whale
(tooth whale)
Ross seal
Weddell Seal
Crabeater seal
leopard seal weddell crabeater killer sperm leopard emperor skua Animals in Antarctica krill is one of the main meals
eaten by animals in Antarctica. Antarctica doubles it
size in winter. ross A Killer whale is the largest type of dolphin, it is also the world's most powerful predators. Killer whales are at the top of the food chain nothing can eat or catch them. Then there is a sperm whale, a sperm whale is a toothed whale it pretty much eats everything except for the killer whale. It gets eaten by the killer whales. An albatros has a wing span
of 3m Emperor penguins are the largest penguin specie, standing about 115cm tall. Depending on the stage of their breeding cycle they weigh from 23 to 40 kilograms. There are so many different types of seals and a weddell seal is one of them there are about 800,000 individual weddell seal in Antarctica A baby bird is heavier than their parents
whales feed in summer and migrate north in winter Food Chain All the quarternary animals
eat the tertiary animals,
the secondary animals gets eaten by the tertiary and the secondary animals feed
on the primary animals.The producers which are phytoplankton keeps all these animals alive by being food for one so the others can feed on other animals.
The food chain is made so that
every animal dies by becoming food
for other animals. Adelie penguins are 46 to 75cm tall and can weigh up to 3.9 to 5.8 average.Male and female
adelie penguins are similar and are very different to tell apart. Transport Early explorers travelled using skis, snow shoes and sleds pulled by dogs.
Now people in Antarctica
travel by land, sea, air and
vechicles like trucks and cars. Fish Antarctic Land
Antarctica is larger than
U.S.A and Mexico combined.The
huge continent is surrounded by
water. Antarctic Peninsula Climate Antarctica has six months of daylight and six months of darkness. Antarctica is tilted
away from the sun causing
it to be dark. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica was -129ºF.And The warmest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica was 59ºF. History Time line of history
in Antarctica from 1773-2002
USA Mexico http://farm1.static.flickr.com/101/311785583_af8f2d1ea7_o.jpg

Bibliography Casey Base Davis Base Mawson Base krill and phytoplankton Thank you for
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