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No description

Ansie Lombaard

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Quality

It all starts
with design How do we measure how well we do this? What can we do to support data quality? Data quality from a field perspective Sample design Turnaround time How do we translate
these demands in field? Questionnaire to be implemented in a way that... is consistently the same throughout field results in research results that are accurate and complete Questionnaire The quality of our questionnaire administration can be measured through Data accuracy Validation capture Forensics Spoke to the correct person in the household
Verify key questions Data validity
Comparison against external sources
Straight-line testing Data consistency
Cross tabs
Routing checks Data completeness
Number of omissions
Number of queries The quality of our sample execution can be measured through In field supervision Quota monitoring % of in-field checks
recorded per interviewer
per project Monitoring of quotas while project is in field, ongoing reporting Now we need to understand how we can make it better, how can we support it? How do we support continuous improvement in questionnaire administration in field? Volume management Develop database that spans across studies with findings of all checks at IC level Field training Access to a consolidated performance database will support more focused field training, mentoring, performance management and interventions How do we support continuous improvement in sample execution in field? Review of sampling rules Field training Volume data Population Data GIS potential What population data do we have access to?
Do we use population data in field structure planning?
Are we using it optimally in our sample design?
Can we use it to support more intelligent sampling in field? Do we track volumes over time?
Do we use volume data to inform field structure planning? To support the clear understanding and consistent implementation of sampling rule in field Understand the essence of the rules to support clear and consistent implementation in field Fieldability checks - an opportunity for feedback Give opportunity to Operations to provide input into and feedback on questionnaire and sample design Evaluate fitness for purpose of both the questionnaire and the sample Create an opportunity for Operations to hear the client's needs and perspective Create an opportunity to add value based on Operational expertise Summary by project in a way that can easily be collated and tracked over time Thank you C4 The sample to be implemented in a way that... all rules have been applied as per the requirements for that study all the quotas set for the study have been achieved, on time Feedback .... Because it matters to our clients
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