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Colombia Project

Rasmus Larsen

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Colombia

Colombia ontinent: Nothwestern South-America. Capital Bogota Population: 43,677,372 (As of July 2009) 1,138,914 sq. km. The Colombia Flag Area: Language: Spanish Religion: Mostly is Roman Catholic- 90% This is: The Church: Was the place where important influences such as marriage and family care is took care of. The parish church is seen in the centre of the community and with the priest is to be seen as a leader and authoriy. The church is also help to education by some union organization and social welfare. Hierarchies: Colmbia has been known as a hierarchical society. People earn respect by age and postion. Older people get served first and are wise so they are in a higher postion, but being older has more responsibilty and have to make decison at anytime or place. 1 Colomibian peso= .000511745 America dollars History: The fisrt permanent European settlement was founded in 1510 by Spaniards who called it Darien. In 1538 they esablished the land New Garanda, this area was called this til 1861 The capital Bogota is old, new, rich, poor, past, and present. The pace of this city is frentic that is shown through musuems and colonial churhces. If you climb up to the top of Cerro de Monserrate for the view of the city and if you go to the Church of Fallen Christ, which has the reputation to make miracles happen. This is also a great tourist spot This is colombia...In many diffrent colors! Colombia has coins and paper money...Don't they look cool. This are a few dishes of Colombia They look so good... This is the clothing of colombia. Aren't they so cute... WEBSITES: http://travelspedia.com
http://www.colombiaemb.gov Books: Encyclopedia
World Book Of Facts
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