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No description

alicia shiflett

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of MY PROFESSION!

My profession is child care/day care..by:Alicia Shiflett what's the pay on this career you ask? well it's between $7.75 and $11.3o an hour.
which i think is very fair for a job i know i'll love.
what is this job?
this job is when you take care and look after other poeple children. by: feeding them and playing with them to keep them happy and occupied. the benifits you can get is life and heath insurance for you and your family. the hours!
the hours are usually 5-7 but it really depends on the parents and type of day care facility.You get paid by the hour. What you need for this job!
you will need a bachelors degree. and a lot of patients and love to give =] TRAINING!
you must have your license reqirement that regulate chidcare giver trainig.
get your (cda)
high school diploma.
college courses.
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