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Master of MMW

No description

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of Master of MMW

Dennis & Marcia

Love God.
Love People.
Make Disciples.

The Great Commandment: Matthew 22:36-39
The Great Commission:
Matthew 28:19-20

1. Glorifying God
Worship Ministry
2. Submitting to the Authority of Scripture
Teaching Ministry
3. Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Local Kingdom Ministry
4. Serving with a Kingdom Perspective
5. Cherishing the Local Church
6. Doing Life Together as a Christ-Centered Community
Global Kingdom Ministry
Membership Ministry
Discipleship & Community Ministry
Associate Pastor of Ministry Advancement
Associate Pastor of
Teaching and Training

Elder Council
Role of Elders is to Protect, Feed, Lead, and Care for the Church
The Ministry of Prayer
The Ministry of Soul Care
Kyle Jernigan
Matt Felton
Servant-Ministers of the Church
1) Tell your name.
2) Tell where you're originally from.
3) Tell something about your spiritual background in life.

Pastoral Staff
Worship Ministry Team
Teaching Ministry Team
Local Kingdom Ministry Team
Global Kingdom Ministry Team
Membership Ministry Team
Discipleship & Community Ministry Team
Adult Ministries
Student Ministry
Early Childhood & Children's Ministry
Micah Kersh
Elder, Pastor of
Worship Ministry

The Goal of the Worship Ministry at Henderson Hills
Is to Glorify God and Edify the Saints
7 Marks of Worship:
2. Congregational Participation –
our financial giving is part of this experience
3. Shepherd’s Hearts from Those Who Lead
4. Authenticity
5. Diversity
6. Reverence
7. Faithfulness Above Excellence
1. Gospel-Centered
Pastor of Teaching &
Leadership Development

Chris Newkirk

A Spiritual Exercise:
Expressing God’s Story & My Story
Write the Biblical Gospel in Your Own Words
Writing “God’s Story and My Story Together”
Director of Membership Ministry
Michael Armstrong
Seth Brown
Director of Community Groups
Henderson Hills Baptist Church
Belonging to a Christ-Centered Community
Leading Authentic Lives
Developing Deep and Intimate Friendships
Fostering Accountability
Being a Source of Encouragment
Ministering to the Needs of the Body
Building the Kingdom, Sharing the Gospel,
and Glorifying God
Serving Each Other, our Community, and our World
Loving God.
Loving People.
Making Disciples.
Growing Spiritually
When Life is Good and When Life is Not So Good
What is the one thing every human being desires?
What is the one thing EVERYONE wants?
At Henderson Hills, our Community Groups are the Primary Place where the Need for Gospel-Centered Relationships are Met
Associate Pastor of Local Kingdom Ministry
Brandon Shafer
Local Kingdom Ministry

We Accomplish this By:
1) Introduce Yourself
2) Share your Story from the Spiritual Exercise
Micah Kersh
Connie Goodson
Pastor of Worship Ministries
Director of Children's Worship
Kristen Ellis
Children's Worship Associate
Clark Jolley
Music Associate
Randy Lackey
Music and Songwriting Associate
Dennis Newkirk
Lead Pastor
Chris Newkirk
Pastor of Teaching & Leadership Development
Matt Felton
Associate Pastor of Teaching & Training
Seth Wachtel
Pastoral Resident
Justin Jackson
Pastoral Resident
Drew Cunningham
Director of Theological Writing
Cindy Sheffield
Brandon Shafer
Associate Pastor of
Local Kingdom Ministry
Rick Johnson
Pastor of Mercy Ministries
Aly Wyatt
Mercy Ministries Associate
Jimmy Quinn
Director of College &
International Students
Local & Global Kingdom
Education Associate
Associate Pastor of
Global Kingdom Ministry
Local & Global Kingdom
Education Associate
Women's Missions Associate
Tony Capucille
George Carlton
Rod Castor
Pete Hammett
Rob Hunt
Rick Johnson
Micah Kersh
Craig McClain
Les Miller
Bill Muenker
Chris Newkirk
Dennis Newkirk
Kevin Nicolin
Ramiro Rangel
Allen Rice
Kim Swyden
Wally Weaver
Joe Williams
Mark Wood
Steve Merrill
Kyle Jernigan
Associate Pastor of
Ministry Advancement
Michael Armstrong
Director of Membership Ministry
Jacob Wright
Membership Ministry
Pastoral Assistant
Kyle Jernigan
Associate Pastor of
Ministry Advancement
Rob Hunt
Pastor of Discipleship
& Community Ministries
Seth Brown
Director of Community Groups
Beth McClain
Director of Women's Ministries
Daryl Reininger
Associate Pastor of Students
Russell Boone
Director of High School Ministries
McKenzie Cate
Director of Girls Ministries
Julie Lee
Director of Early Childhood Ministries
Wendy Fuller
Director of Childhood Ministries
Churches are Uniquely and Especially Qualified to Help Meet this Need in People because of the GOSPEL.
From Children to Senior Adults
On Campus and Off,
During Weekends and throughout the Week
There is a place for you within a Community Group.
1) Introduce Yourselves if Someone is New
2) Share Your Story from the Spiritual Exercise
Willie Smith
Global Kingdom
Sending Church
Global Involvement
Unreached Peoples Groups
Michael Armstrong
Director of Membership Ministry
Growing & Serving
Romans 12:6-8
1 Corinthians 12
Ephesians 4:8-16
1 Peter 4:10-11
Foundational Biblical Texts
Key Concepts:
Every Believer
Diversity of Gifts
Gifts: Building Up the Body
Every Believer is Responsible
How can I use my spiritual gift(s)
to love God, love people,
and make disciples?
Four Important Distinctions:
Passion for Ministry
Scriptural Baptism
Only Saved People Should be Baptized
(Matthew 28:19-20)

Every Saved Person Should be Baptized
(Acts 2:41; 8:26-36)

The Church Must be Careful to Baptize
Only Those Who are Truly Saved
(Acts 2:41; 10:47-48)

A public profession of faith occurring quickly following salvation.
Our Church Membership is made up of Those
Who have been Baptized as Believers
Natural Ability
Spiritual Gift
(Musical, Athletic, Well Spoken, Artistic, etc.)
(Witness, Giver, Servant)
Spiritual Gifts are special, God-given gifts
that are marked by an ability to serve the Lord
with relative ease and effectiveness.
We Strive to do Two Things:
Children can be Baptized
(Acts 16:15, 31-35; 18:9)
Embracing the Biblical Gospel
Our Community Groups are where our

Support Ministry Team
Kevin Nicolin
Wally Weaver
Hal Holland
Pastor of Support Ministries
Pastor of Congregational Care
Creative Services Director
But how do you find your place?
HHBC Community Groups Guide
Elder Council
The Ministry of the Word
John Williams
Director of Middle School
Share the Gospel
Live Out the Gospel
Training our church members
Providing opportunities
Henderson Hills is both
Elder led and Congregational
Stephen Powell
Associate Pastor
of Worship Ministry
Our vision is to become a diverse family of surrendered and transformed people who passionately love God and others. We endeavor to be a body that is overcome by the reality that this life is not about us, but all about the glory of God. We want to be transfixed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and compelled by His heart for our world. We strive to be seed-throwers and fire-starters, hope-announcers and grace-givers, risk-takers and constant-reformers, lifelong-learners and sold-out doers. We desire to be a people who gladly give our lives to free the captive, strengthen the weak, embrace the outcast, and seek out the lost. Because Scripture is our authority, we strive to be a family that serves together, studies the Word together, plays together, worships together, and lives life together. By God's grace our world will be changed because we are here.
Asher Griffin
Pastoral Resident
and Assistant
Craig McClain
Pastor of Administration
Ministries of Jesus
Kim Swyden
Executive Director of MOJ
Julane Swyden
Director of Christian Counseling
Not Pictured:

Chris Gibson Director of Counseling & Recovery

Sherri Tucker
Medical Director
Aaron Ferguson
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