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Amela Earhart

No description

M2K Kids

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Amela Earhart

Amelia Earhart
I was born July 1, 1898 in Atchison Kansas.
My Trips
I flew across the Atlantic twice. Once as a passenger , then a pilot. My last trip was the world. But, i did not finish the trip
I first took flight in the summer of 1920. My first plane was yellow and small.
I was named after my mom Amelia Otis Earhart. My father's name was named Samuel.I also had a sister Grace. My husband was George P. Putnam.
On my trip around the world i stopped at Lae , a very small island. Then i left. I was 39. Something happened when i was with my husband and other people. I was never seen again.
Fun Facts
I made a stand for all women.
Every where I went I got great greetings from all the people.
I could not fly till after the war.
As a child I imagined going all around the world.Before flying I was a nurse.

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