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China vs U.S. Government

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Amanda Kern

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of China vs U.S. Government

Democratic: Citizens vote for leaders

Authoritarian: Leaders take power by force
What are TWO differences between the U.S. government and China's government?
China vs U.S. Government
Round Robin: "A Shift Toward Moderation"
DIRECTIONS: As each group shares, fill in the answers on your T-Chart
Round Robin: Authoritarian vs Democratic
DIRECTIONS: In your groups, answer your assigned question for BOTH Authoritarian AND Democratic governments
Compare/Contrast Authoritarian vs Democratic
China vs U.S. Government
DIRECTIONS: Turn to page 600, and find the the map titled "Asia: Governments by Type"
1. What countries have DEMOCRATIC governments?
2. What is the LARGEST country?
3. Do you think the SIZE of a country can impact its political power in the world? Why?
How much freedom do citizens have?
Authoritarian: Not much freedom
Democratic: A lot of freedom
How are leaders chosen?
What is the extent of government power?
Democratic: Government is limited by Constitutional rights

Authoritarian: Government has almost unlimited power
How does the government ensure people follow the rules?
Democratic: Rules are enforced with a justice system; trials come before punishment

Authoritarian: Rules are enforced through fear; threats and military action might occur
How many political parties can exist?
Democratic: Multiple political parties can exist

Authoritarian: Only one political party usually exists
PAGE 601
1. In what year did the Chinese government begin to "loosen its grip on society?"
2. In the 1980's, China became more open to what type of trade?
3. In 1989, what happened to a group of protesting students? What were they protesting for?
4. In what way does China's government control the economy today?
5. What other aspects of life does the government still regulate?
6. What freedom is now protected under the law?
7. What are HUMAN RIGHTS?

8. What happens in China if authorities view someone as a threat?
Independent Practice
On page 603-604, read "Relations with the United States"
1. Answer guided reading questions

2. Analyze the political cartoon. What is the author saying about the U.S. decision to trade with China?

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