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Weather Motif in the Great Gatsby

No description

Dan Picard

on 22 December 2010

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Transcript of Weather Motif in the Great Gatsby

The Weather In The Great Gatsby By-- Daniel Picard Colin Bratton and Lydia Marzot Thesis--> In the Great Gatsby the weather shows the feelings that the characthers are expressing,both inner conflictions and the others that they expose. Chapter 4 On Page 64 it is a nice bright and sunny day which shows that there is less tension during the meeting and lunch with Meyer Wolfsheim. Gatsby and Nick both seem to be happy whith how things are going for them at this poin in the book. Also on page 74, it is windy which shows that there are things that are blowing in to the events of the book.

Chapter 5

As the Tension in a situation increases or becomes more obvious,the heat and its effects on Nick become more drastic.
In chapter 5 the weather was rainy as Daisy and Gatsby had tea at his house. This shows how Daisy is feeling conflicted about her relationships between Gatsby and Tom. Chapter 7 For instance after Gatsby and nick are invited to Daisy and Tom's house in chapter 7, the weather "was broiling...certainly the warmest, of the summer" This heat is representative of the tenseness of bring Gatsby, Daisy's lover, into Tom's, Daisy's husband, Home.
As the situation progresses, Nick's descriptions of the heat become stronger as the seriousness of the events become stronger
The heat becoming "relentless beating heat" that was "beginning to confuse [Nick]" once Tom has his encouter with Wilson at Wilson's gas station. This description evolves all the way into "suffocating...hot waves of air" as Gatsby and Tom have it out over Daisy in the Hotel Suite. The Next day when Gatsby and Nick are chatting on Gatsby's porch the weather has become "a cool lovely day", showing that the immediate tension and heat in the situation has diffused
“They turned and smiled back at me before they faded through the door into a warm darkness. At the enchanted metropolitan twilight”(page 56) In this passage, Fitzgerald uses weather to express a sense of loneliness. However, he seems to imply the character (Nick) feels almost innocent, and content with this loneliness. He does this my describing darkness, as “warm”. Chapter 1 “and so it happened on a warm windy evening I (Nick) drove over to East Egg to see two old friends whom I scarcely knew at all.” (Fitzgerald) This quote shows how, when Nick is arriving, there it a warm feeling towards the visit. The weather seems enjoyable, which reflects Nicks optimism about reuniting with these two strangers. THE End
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