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Feather Circle: Writing From the Heart

No description

Allyson Huff

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Feather Circle: Writing From the Heart

Writing from the Heart: Introduction 8-12-13
To me, a tree symbolizes strength, knowledge, persistence, and the ability to stand tall when the going gets tough. Growing up, my family was very interested in music, and there was definitely pressure to not only learn a musical instrument, but excel in playing. When it was time for me to go to college, I felt an immense amount of pressure, whether my family intended for me to feel that way or not, to pursue music as a career. However, my heart and the universe seemed to tell me "no". Though I had the knowledge and the ability, I chose to study what I knew was right for me. I switched my major three times until I found my passion, even though I am very interested in all the topics I once chose. Those moments of uncertainty were scary. What would I do if I had to take 5 years in college? That wasn’t part of my plan. What if I end up being unhappy with the choice I made and I can’t find a career I love? However, I remained persistent and fell in love with English all over again when I took my first college literature course that focused on poetry. I found my real passion within the subject when I took a Shakespeare course, which made me fall in love with the Renaissance period and its writers and poets. Considering how much I enjoyed English and sharing the experience of reading it with others, I knew teaching was meant for me. And considering that, I want to continue to expand my knowledge not only in the subject matter, but learn from my students in life and teaching and see their perspectives as well. Life is about constantly learning, and that’s the way I live my life. I never think I know everything.

EQ: How do I write with an effective technique? How do I analyze an author's technique?
Objective: I will be able to write a narrative "from the heart" in an effective style
Warm Up: Mazes Assessment
Question: What are the strategies we should use to be good readers?
I do: Introduce Feather Circle and writing from the heart
We do: Go over example Logo Pieces
You do: Begin writing your logo piece. This artwork will go on front of student folders.
If time permits, finish "A Tell Tale Heart"
Cambridge: finish back half in groups of 3 or 4 while others take SRC exam.
HW: Read for 20 minutes, reading log, work on logo
I encourage you to keep a journal. I will not check for writing, but it may help you with writing assignments later this year.

Petrograph- Personal writing to Public writing
Journals/writing allow us a new way of seeing the world.
When we share this writing, there is no judgement.
Exit Ticket: What does writing from the heart mean to you?
The Logo Piece
You are going to create a logo or symbol that represents who you are. Think about all the activities, hobbies, and interests that play apart in the person you are and who you want to be. After you create the logo,write a segment explaining why you chose this symbol and what it means to you. The piece can be written in the following format:
• Type of Poetry
• Short Story
• Paragraph
Please keep in mind that all symbols, pictures, logos etc. must be school appropriate. If I deem that any of your pictures or symbols are inappropriate, You will forfeit the assignment.
We will workshop our pieces Wednesday. Be prepared to bring 4 copies of your piece.

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