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Do violent movies have a negative effect on teens?

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Zuriel Anne Bagui

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Do violent movies have a negative effect on teens?

No it doesn't. Do violent movies have a negative effect on teenagers? Yes it does. There isn't really any 100%, solid based
proof that violent movies encourage
violent teens. Depending on the personality and mental
stability of the individual, there is no clear
link of physical violent behavior. The effect varies based on the individuals
personality. Those who are more prone to
isolate themselves are at greater risk to act violently after watching violent movies. One study was conducted involving 22 teen males.
After watching even moderate clips of violence, researchers noticed that the reactions were watered down or "desensitized". "...exposure to violent media results in... increase the likelihood that aggression is seen as acceptable behaviour."-Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (SCAN) Two experiments were done at at Virginia Tech and at the University of Alabama. 53 male and 40 female college students were shown either nonviolent or violent movies over a period of 5 days. "They determined that the effect is not short lived" but rather continued after some time. Also younger or immature children are more prone to misinterpret the link between media and real life. Those who are aggressive to start with are recommended not to watch overly violent movies. "There are a small percentage of youth, perhaps 5% who are at risk of engaging in violent behavior." Reported fights and other acts of violence
were particularly only found in teens that
had aggressive and stressful attitudes. Unlike violent video games, movies are passive entertainment. Instead of being a first person shooter the viewer is detached from the one committing violent acts. Conclusion? However, the amount of violence watched DO desensitize the viewer. Their 'conscience' can be affected. "We’re talking here about some people in everyday life who may not find it okay to beat up someone, but do find it all right to exchange harsh words and insult other people. These films with gratuitous violence make people less civil, more willing to say things in a meeting or in a classroom that were inappropriate a few years ago. It seems tied to the role models seen and the lessons learned from different types of films." Work Cited http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2010/may/13/what-effect-do-violent-scary-movies-have/?print=1
http://www.nssc1.org/part-played-by-movies-in-instigating-violence-in-school.html Made by Zuriel Anne Bagui
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