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Brunel University Week 16 MG3113 2015

Brunel University Introduction to Sustainability and Development Peter Klein Cran & Matten 31-37

Educated Change Ltd

on 14 February 2015

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Transcript of Brunel University Week 16 MG3113 2015

Context of Sustainable Development
The Contested Nature of Sustainable Development
The Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability & Business
Sustainable Development and Trade-offs
Sustainable Development - development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (Brundtland Report, 1987)
Sustainability - the long-term maintenance of systems according to environmental, economic and social considerations (Crane & Matten, 2007)
The challenges of sustainable development
Climate Change
Peak Oil
Government’s response
environmental challenges
The role of business in pursuing sustainable consumption and production & the issue of ‘Greenwashing’
The role of the consumer in the shift towards sustainable consumption
Community action for sustainable consumption and production
For everyone to live like Europeans?
5 Worlds
Population Problem?
Is the real issue living
What Sustainability will look like
Federal system
Driven by networks of people
Working on Envormental and polution for last 20 years
2500 lobbiests or 4 for every Senitor
NGO helping to drive change
Regi-10 states
Western alliance-Western half of USA
$4 per ton
USA carbon
Down 17% in 2009
Regi minor reduction
Pest, pathogens and weeds
42 % of all production and storage lost
More chemicals

If not you then who?
Draught causes cyanide
Co2 increases cyanide
Grow faster with higher CO2 content
Pollen from ragweed goes up by 60% with 25% increase in CO2
Carbon based fuels, pollen and your lungs?
Size matters
Increase of 2 inches causes 10% increase in Dr visits
Social life Cycle Assessment
SLCA 2010
Solcial issues code of practice
Scope, Company, Site, City
Weeds, Pathogens and Pests
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere
Peter Klein
Start Thinking
Individual Bottled Water 11.85 gallons of water to manufacture the plastic for the bottle in the average commercial bottle of water.

Pair of Jeans It takes around 1,800

What does 12 and 12 mean

How many toxic chemicals are in use today

Environmental Sustainability
The Science
Sustainability and Management
Fair Trade
Only looks at prduction
Child Labor
Heavy Land Use
Stake Holders
5.Value Chain Actors
Drivers for change:
1.Employee interest
3.Interdisciplinary collaboration
2.The more you know the more you do
"it will find you"
92% thinking about Sustainability
70% of companies have not adopted strategy
government legislation
Consumer concerns
Benefits of Action
Cost Savings
Competitive advantage
Employee Satisfaction
New revenue Innovation
Effective risk management
First mover advantage
Hippies Brundtland Report UN conference on envirionment Millennium goals
70s 83 92
Some Terms
About Me
Great Question
Why do we buy
The weeks
What are we thinking about
Cap and trade was an idea at Enron
Rebates for cars
Higher taxes if you work from home
Tax on e books
30-40 of furniture is thrown away
Half the world live on $500 a year
Burning biofuels, water, ozone
Our power plants are on the coast
China is getting big again
"If man does not respect his fellow man, do you think he will respect the earth?"
Powerpoint of course
3 X bottomline
Office Hours 11-1 on Mondays
Contact me
Twitter @opencarbon

Educated Change

According to recent research from Harvard Law School and the IRRC, only 28 percent of global companies have in place labor and human rights (LHR) policies covering their global supply chains.
LONDON, United Kingdom —
The world's 3,000 largest companies are causing £1.4 trillion (US$2.2 trillion) worth of environmental damage every year, according to an unpublished U.N. report seen by the Guardian.
Context of Sustainable Development
The Contested Nature of Sustainable Development
The Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability & Business
Sustainable Development and Trade-offs
870 Million- 2013
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