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A Day's Wait Short Story English Project

No description

Julia Constantine

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of A Day's Wait Short Story English Project

A Day's Wait Summary There was a man and he was a father, his son who is nine years old didnt look very well he realized that he was very ill. the father called the doctor and he came and looked at the ill son. he dad a temperature of about 102 degrees . the little boy had Infulenza. he rested in bed while his father went out hunting. the dad came back and the servants told him that the little boy wouldnt let anyone in because he thought that he was so contagious that he was going to die. the little boy asked his dad, "About what time do you think I'm going to die?" but, he never ended up dying because the little boy thought that his temperature of 102 degrees celsius. List of the Main Characters with Descriptions The Son: a very ill child that thinks that he's going to die from the flu. He asks his father, "About what time do you think I'm going to die?"

The Father: a man that worries about his sick son. His son tells him that he's fine and that he does not need to go to bed. Although, his father replies, "You, go to bed. I'll see you when I get dressed." Words And Definition Purgative- Purgative agent or medicine.
Influenza-An acute, commonly epidemic disease that occurs in several different forms.
Pneumonia- inflammation of the lungs with congestion.
Commenced- to begin; start
Flushed- a rosy glow to one's face. Images of the Setting The Biography of Ernest Hemingway Ernest Hemingway was born in 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois. His career as a writer for a newspaper in Kansas City at the age age of 17. Then he joined a volunteer ambulance in the Italian army after the US entered the first world war. He was wounded on the front lines, decorated by the Italian government, and spent most of his time in a hospital. He came back to America and wrote for newspapers in both America and and Canada. Then, he went back to Europe to cover the Greek Revolution. His important works included "The Sun Also t" (1926), "A Farewell to Arms" (1929), "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (1940), and "The Old Man and the Sea" (1952). He died in 1961. Reading Comprehension Questions Plot Diagram Exposition- A little boy and his father are in the boys bedroom.
Conflict- The little boy is sick.
Rising Action-The father takes the boys temperature.
Climax- The boy's temperature reads as 102 degrees Fahrenheit but the boy is only used to reading Celsius so he thinks hes going to die.
Falling Action- The father explains the difference between the two ways to read the temperatures.
Resolution- the boy just has the flu so he is better the next day Reading Comp Questions
1. Why does the boy think he's going to die?
Answer: He thinks he's going to die because when his father read 102 degrees, the boy thought that he was talking about celsius, not fahrenheit.
2. What does the term "Schatz" mean?
Answer: The term "Schatz" is taken from a German term for affection.
3. Describe the setting of the story.
Answer: A bedroom with a little boy in the bed with his father at his bedside. Multimedia Projects
Make a powerpoint presentation detailing the main points of the story

Use iMovie to create a podcast about the early 1900's Literary Element Focus Questions What is the theme of the story?
Find at least 2 uses of figurative language in the story.
What is the tone of the story?
Is the story in the first or third person perspective?
Find an example for at least seven of the eight parts of speech. Related Articles 1.
Introduction: Influenza 1918
What other problems were going on in America at the time when the flu epidemic surfaced?
About how many people died in the outbreak?
How many people in America died during the outbreak?

What are the symptoms of influenza?
Name two variants of the influenza virus.
About how long does the vaccine for influenza take to take effect? Evaluation Plot A Day's Wait Short Story Project
By: Chandler Berry and Julia Constantine
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