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How To Escape A Bad Date

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Jasonna Chambers

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of How To Escape A Bad Date

Joshua Piven, David Borgenicht, and Jennifer Worick How to Escape from a Bad Date Comprehension 1. According to the authors, what four basic strategies can be used by someone who wants to escape from a bad date? 1. Do the authors expect their advice to be taken seriously? How do you know? Style and Structure 1. This selection is neither structured nor formatted like the other essays in this text. What does it include that other essays do not? what elements are missing that other essays include? Combining the Patterns "How to Escape from a Bad Date" presents the steps in a process but considers neither the causes nor the effects of the "escape." What might cause someone to need to escape from a date? What might the effects of such an escape be? Should the authors have included sections of cause and effect to answer the questions? Words to know Obscure 2. which of the four strategies seems most realistic? Why? 3. What kind of date do the authors seem to be imagining? Where does the date take place? How can you tell? Can the "escape" strategies the authors describe be used for other kinds of dates as well? Purpose and Audience 2. What purpose do visuals usually serve in instructions? What purpose do the visuals serve in the selection? 3. What thesis is implied in this set of instructions? Write a sentence that could serve as the thesis statement. Should such a sentence be added? 4. Is the intended audience of this selection men, women, or both? How can you tell? 5. The writers never define what they mean by a "bad date." Why not? 2. What features tell you that this is a set of instructions rather than a process explanation? 3. Instructions are directed at people who will actually perform the process described. Is that the case here? Explain. 4. Where do the authors include the cautions and reminders that characterize instructions? Are these warnings and reminders actually necessary here? 5. Look carefully at the steps listed under each of the essays four headings. How do the authors move readers from one step to the next? Would transitional words and expressions be helpful additions? If so, which ones? Explain. Gait Procure Dire Implement Unsavory indistinct to the sight or any other sense as a walk, trot, canter, gallop, or rack socially or morally objectionable or offensive to obtain causing or involving great fear or suffering; dreadful; terrible any article used in some activity, especially an instrument, tool, or utensil
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