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BP America Internship

No description

Erin Williams

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of BP America Internship

US Communications
Projects that I worked on
Things I enjoyed
Answer questions
Try not to make anyone throw up
while I spin you around this Helios

End of Summer Presentation
What I learned
I was fortunate enough to have plenty of projects to keep me busy this summer...
Major Projects
Intern Lunch and Learn

Social Media

Lunch and Learn
Goal was to communicate to the intern group our messages and who we are
Consisted of event planning, organizing the presentation, and a lot of preparation
Successfully communicated our messages to 80+ interns
Thanks again to everyone who helped out!
The only reason we weren't able to reach more was because of the rain....
We were also able to test out Poll Everywhere, which everyone seemed to enjoy...
Social Media
Secured content for platforms
Helped identify opportunities for engagement
Proposed tweets
Monitored platforms
Helped Kelley with content management and anything else she needed
Social Media (Google+ and Pivot jobs)
Corporate blog
Third party leadership engagement (integration team)
Executive summit
That's me!!!
Other Projects
US Health Team award promotion
Covered TechnoFest
Designed documents for John Minge town hall
Attempted to have Planet BP set as homepage across the US
Created a social graphic template for USUR
Other Projects continued...
Hurricane press briefing
Responded to school letters
Assisted with HR newsletter
Helped with PowerPoint presentation for John Minge
HMNS ticket handouts
Other Projects continued...
And many more!
Good is sometimes good enough
But it has to be good...
Sometimes it's not good
Not everyone is a great communicator
This was something I anticipated coming in... thinking about the engineers that I already knew at A&M
However I was pleasantly surprised at some unexpected good communicators
And struggled some with business groups that I assumed would be good communicators
Erin Williams
There are a lot of misconceptions about the oil and gas industry
I was even guilty of harboring a few coming in
There are a lot of misconceptions to break through (and a lot of people to educate), but even though there will always be misconceptions out there, BP seems to be moving in a positive direction of informing the public about what the industry actually does and its impact on America.
Keeping the brand consistent is very important
No matter what the medium
Did you notice that I used BP colors in this Prezi?
Being a part of One
I really felt like I was a valued member of the team
I really appreciate all of the valuable projects I was given, the meetings and calls that I got to be on and contribute to, those who took time out of their day to talk to me and to explain things to me, and the advice that I was given.
Learning about the
client-agency relationship
I really enjoyed working with OPR and learning more about the client-agent dynamic in general
I also appreciated how the folks at OPR treated me like I was a part of the team
I really enjoyed getting to go to D.C. and learning more about our strategy from OPR
Working with all of you!
Photography by Austin
Photography by Austin
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