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ISOM4400- Final Year Project Presentation

No description

Wu Long Kin

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of ISOM4400- Final Year Project Presentation

ISOM4400- Final Year Project Presentation

• Project Objectives and Goals

• Results of background research

• Deliverable and System Requirements

• Demo program

• How to do evaluation

• Timeline

• Conclusion

Project Objectives
Who: Fortune Financial Services Company Limited

Aims: 1) Systematic solution to handle client data

2) Automated financial analysis of client profile

3) Reports for futher investigation
Research Background
Compare industrial existing systems

Survey Research:
Questionnaire with Kathy
How to Evaluate the System?
We believe doing testing and collecting information from users are the best ways to evaluate the effectiveness of our system
Technological Approach
Initial draft of the website template designed (subject to later change)
Methods employed for testing the system
- Penetration test (simulate an attack)
- Volume test (size of the database, the files)
- Stress test (test for beyond normal operational capacity)
- Compatibility test (running on different browsers and devices)

- Usability test (user interface accessibility, consistency and standards, error prevention)
- Regression test (any type of software testing that seeks to uncover new software bugs)
Methods of collecting information from users
- Interview
- Questionnaire
- Online feedback collection platform (e.g. surverymonkey)
Hardware requirements
Server (to support the website and host all the required files)

Welcome to raise any questions
Company Background:
Fortune Financial Services Company
-Start-up independent financial institution
-With Various Product Offerings
Products Offerings
1) Insurance
2) Financial product
3) Asset management service
4) Protection in savings
5) Retirement planning
6) Capital immigration
Research Background
Industrial Comparable Systems
1) AXA
2) AIA
4) Manulife
5) Prudential

Functional Requirements of the system
Customer details

(e.g., name, address, email, password)
Staff login
(e.g., ID, password and etc.)
Product details

(e.g., name, duration, price)
Financial Plan details

(e.g., member id, financial products, date)

Staff Process
Allow staff to insert new product information
Allow staff to update product information
Allow staff to retrieve customer information
Allow staff to adjust financial plans according to clients’ specifications
Allow staff to prepare managerial reports
Customer Process
Allow customers to register as members
Allow members to update their personal information
Allow customers to select products and search products, try out demo financial plans
Allow members to contact sales representatives for financial consultation
Allow members to view their existing financial plans

Managerial Reports
Report the number of total visitors, new registered members on monthly basis
Report new registered members
Report on the 10 most popular financial plans, in terms of investment volume
Report on the top 10 customers, in terms of investment volume
Report sales of a particular financial product, in terms of quantity and profitability of plans sold
System Platform
Current System
Manual Process in handling customers and clients data
1) Each transaction is entered
into the system individually

2) Black and White Record
1) Time Consuming

2) Common errors are entering information into incorrect accounts,

3) Lack of Security
Access device

(e.g. Tablet, PC, Smartphone)
Browser compatibility
(e.g. Chrome, IE, Firefox)
Internet connection

(i.e. offline access disabled)
Server Support
(i.e. hosting the web pages & database files)

Managerial reports generation
of auditing
Automation allows
Speed and
Reformed Financial Analysis System
Design a website that promotes insurance products and investment
Browsing company's profile
View product catalog
Calculation and financial plan generation
The whole website is built on HTML language
We use Abode Dreamweaver as the major website development software
The website will be embedded with javascript to perform calculations
User-friendliness to ensure the easy-use of the websites for all the stakeholders.
Demo Program Screenshot
August - October 2013
July - August 2013
Stage 3: Appraisal
Division of labour
Technological analysis
Proposal drafting
Finalize the points brought forward in the proposal
Consult beneficiaries and stakeholders
Stage 4: Presentation
Preparation of Project Proposal Presentation
Revise Project Proposal
Schedule Planning
Stage 5: Implementation and Monitoring
Development and final stages schedule planning
Project development
System testing: User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
Stage 1: Identification
Project Topic identification
Initial communication with project sponsor
Initial stages schedule planning
Research on related systems
Stage 2: Preparation
Construct the project scope
Due Diligence
Ability analysis
User requirement analysis
System Development Timeline
-Flash Operating Software

Easy to Read
Interactive with animations

Plug-ins are required
Restrictions on IPHONE
-HTML (Embedded with Database Software)

Compatibility with different devices
Cost Reduction


Ideal Systems

1) Clarity
(EG:clear objectives and interface/ Choice of Colors)
2) Consistency
(EG:1 for all, whereby it includes most of the company products)
3) Convenience
(EG:Different browsers and can run on iOS and Windows operating systems & Managerial Report)
October- December 2013
Stage 6: Evaluation
Continuous System testing: User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
Pilot Program for users (Beta Program)
Evaluation with Kathy for fine-tuning
December - Feb 2013
Feb - June 2013
Areas for feedback
- Theme of the website (e.g. Choice of background, colors, fonts)
- Ease of accessibility
- User interface friendliness
- Abundance of functionalities
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