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Influences on Your Health

No description

Tara Kaup

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Influences on Your Health

Many factors influence your health.
WHICH SOURCES have the most
influence on you??? Influences on Your Health Things I think are important
Likes and Dislikes
Skills and Talents Personal Values Plans for the future
Hopes and dreams Personal Beliefs Behaviors that I think are common or accepted Perceptions Things that I:
wonder about
that scare or frighten me
want to try
never want to try Curiosity/Fears Beliefs, behaviors and habits
Family traditons
Food served at home Your Family and Culture TV and Movies
FB Media and Technology Behaviors and opinions of my friends and classmates Friends and Peers Place where I live
School I attend
Sources of recreation School and Community Now make your own Prezi...
Dealing with these 8 factors that influence your health/life. The Factor that you feel influences your decisions the MOST should be first on your Prezi! Rank what you feel influences you the most... The Factor that influences your decisions the least last,,, Present the factors in order of influence to you!!! Have Fun

Get Creative while thinking deep!
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