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Bilingual Education

TRIO UTSA program

denisse sesatty

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Bilingual Education

Learning English the Right Way
The development of English in the U.S.

Factors affecting LEP students.

Limited English Proficiency students and English.

What are the Bilingual and Immersion programs?
Many students have migrated from different countries along with their families.

The Immersion program helps students during their education to learn the new language at a faster rate.

The immersion program is the best option for bilingual students.
Immersion Programs improve the language faster than bilingual programs.
Benefit of the English Immersion Program.

English Immersion Students learn faster than Bilingual Students.
Why a bilingual program doesn't work.
Border cities of Texas need to change the bilingual program to English immersion
The Hispanic population is significantly growing.

There is a need for more English Immersion Programs.
Bilingual Students are behind SEI (Structured English Immersion) students.

What is the best way for students to learn English?
The Methods and Designs
A survey was conducted for 23 students and seven teachers involved in the TRIO program.

The teachers answered five questions about their views of Bilingual programs.

Students were asked seven questions about the bilingual education, if needed, and their view of language programs in schools.
Is the government managing educational funds correctly?

Accepting Immersion Programs.

Education will shape America's future.


Oscar Mendoza

Denisse Sesatty

Vanessa Sesatty
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