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BTES - Demand Response

No description

Jessica Waterman

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of BTES - Demand Response

Water Heater
Demand Management/
Valley Fill Study

Voltage Regulation
Water Heater Program
Started over 25 years

Over 15,000 water heater switches currently installed

More than 50% of residential customers have a water heater switch
Voltage Regulation
Control Capacitors through existing SCADA system
Monitor individual customer voltages through our existing fiber optic system which allows maximum reduction
Achieving an estimated 5 to 6% load reduction with a 7% voltage reduction

Water Heater Program
Water Heater Program
Sell & Maintain Water Heaters

Contractor - installations and change outs

Meter Readers - maintenance and repairs

Water Heater Program
Unidirectional switches only allowed 3 to 4 hours of cycling

Carina Technology, Inc. WISE Switch
Two-way communication
Utilizes existing fiber system
Monitors the temperature at the top and bottom thermostat
Open and closes a relay that cuts off and on the power to the water heater

Water Heater Program - Avg. of 4 Pilots
Our Story...
Bristol Tennessee Essential Services (BTES) has an active demand response program that harnesses the storage feature of traditional water heaters with storage capacities of 50 gallons or more. This is a program we have been operating for over 20 years, partly in partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Water heaters account for over 30 percent of energy use in an average home and therefore represent an optimal target device for management to increase efficiencies in the electric system. We have over 28,000 residential electric customers and over 16,000 of them participate in this program which provides BTES and TVA the ability to turn off water heaters remotely and actively respond to the needs of the electric system. Approximately 67% of the water heaters in the BTES program are 80 gallon, 29% are 50 gallon and 4% are 120 gallon.
Our Story...
BTES has been working with Carina Technology on a device that will allow water heaters to be turned off for extended periods of time. For more than five years, BTES has been able to successfully cycle off water heaters during peak periods which is six hours in the winter and eight hours in the summer. Using this device that communicates to BTES through a fiber optic network, BTES can monitor the top and bottom temperature of the water in the tank. The Carina Technology device can also use cellular communication technology. A minimum and maximum temperature is set at both the top and bottom of the water heater.
BTES uses the device to turn the water heater off during peak cost periods. The device will automatically turn the water heater back on if the temperate drops below the pre-set temperature, usually 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the water has been heated to the appropriate temperature, usually around 114 degrees Fahrenheit, it will turn off again. Sometime during the lower cost period, BTES can re-charge the water heater to have it fully charged for the next day. It can be controlled in such a way for regulation and for filling minimum use periods during the day or any other time deemed by the generating dispatcher. BTES has more than 5,000 of this style switch installed on a pilot program and is planning to update all water heater switches to this model in the near future.
Our Story...
Our Story...
By reducing these demands on the system and lowering BTES’ and TVA's costs, we are able to help keep electric rates lower than they would have been otherwise for our customers. We can reduce the need to build generating plants which not only saves on the cost of building the plant, but also saves the energy that would have been used in every stage for preparing to build that plant including mining, creating, constructing, loading and transporting the materials and supplies.
Our Story...
By having this system, we’ve been able to get electric water heating into almost all of the new homes built within our electric service area for over 20 years. Twenty years ago over 70% of new homes in our service area had a gas water heater. For the last 10 years we have been able to capture over 98% of water heater load. Even in places where gas is available.

We offer free maintenance on elements and thermostats in exchange for the right to manage our customers water heaters. We also sell and install water heaters, for which the customer pays. We subsidize the 80 gallon storage water heaters and install a free switch.

Our Story...
With our program, additional generating capacity is not needed because we are able to move most electric water heating load to the valleys between our peaks.
Dr. R. Michael Browder, P.E.
Chief Executive Officer
P.O. Box 549
Bristol, TN 37621
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