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Journey to College and Career Readiness

Board of Education Presentation

Mark Black

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Journey to College and Career Readiness

Presented to the Akron Board of Education 11-26-2012 Journey to College and Career Readiness Setting the Stage for Commencement We Have Arrived!! Ensuring Students are College and Career Ready
Developing opportunities for accessing resources for College and Careers
Creating dual credit opportunities College Bound
Level of preparation a student needs in order to enroll and succeed, without remediation.
Has a 75% chance to earn a C or better in a college course
Has a 50% chance to earn a B or better in a college course. What is "College and Career Ready"? Early College Accessing Resources for College and Careers Partnership with Stark State College What are Dual Credit Opportunities? Career Focused
Level of preparation a student needs in order to be trained for a job.
Has the skills to earn a job that requires 21st century skills.
Will be able to compete for a job that has benefits and a retirement package. Full implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Creating Career Pathways
Utilizing Explore and Plan ACT Practice Test ACT for all Juniors Dual Credit Options Post-Secondary Options AP Courses Career Tech Prep Relevant Learning Experiences Collaborative Learning and Teaching Problem Based Learning STEM Schools Rigorous Curriculum through the CCSS
Courses offered at all APS high schools
courses will be taught by our teachers who are credentialed as adjunct Stark State faculty members
we will use college textbooks, syllabi and course materials
students will earn the identical credit earned by SSC students on campus.
Courses offered online will be piloted at:
Ellet HS, Firestone HS and Kenmore HS
courses taught by Stark State faculty with support from our staff
students will access classes online at their high school and outside school hours
college textbooks, syllabi and course materials will be used Ready High Schools High Schools That Work What supports are in place for APS students? Programs Curriculum/Courses Instructional Approaches New Tech Schools International Baccalaureate As a district we are:
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