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Copy of Business Model Canvas

No description

Pina Patel

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Business Model Canvas

Pains Mark, Gabe, Susan,
Aaron, & Pina 06 04 2013 Business Plan Development Battery loses charge too quickly
Not in a location to electrically charge phone
Reduced functionality of cell phone due to loss of power Commuter Bikers Men/Women
Ages 18+
People with environmentally friendly ideals
Appreciates function over form or costs Exercise Enthusiasts Dynamo: Powering a light Commuter Bikers Get: Advertising, search engine marketing
Keep: Product Updates
Grow: International Markets (high frequency bike users) Exercise Enthusiasts Get: Advertising, search engine marketing
Keep: Product Updates
Grow: International Markets (high frequency bike users) Commuter Bikers Web/Online
Retailers Exercise Enthusiasts Retail stores
Online/Web Commuter Bikes Asset Sale: one-time purchase at a fixed price Men/Women
Ages 18+
Own a bike
Enjoy being outside
Appreciates performance over form or costs Value/Needs Increased Mobility
Increased Battery
Personal efficiency/ productivity
Decreased downtime MVP Physical:
Headquarters (office space)- Louisville, KY Financial: Angel Investors, VCs, loans Intellectual Property: Trademark, Patent, non-disclosure agreement Human Resources Mentor - Suzanne Bergmeister
Advisors - UofL Rapid Prototype Center
Coach - Nancy Schroeder Exercise Enthusiasts Asset Sale: one-time purchase at a fixed price Suppliers
Raw Materials
Bicycle Shops
Retailers that sell phone accessories Additional consulting from: Product Designers
Packaging Designers
Distribution Managers
Supply Chain Manager
Manufacturing Manager Value Driven:
Concentrate on quality, our company is determined to meet the specific and many needs of our customer
Our target customers are exercise enthusiasts and health conscience people with discretionary funds Characteristics: Fixed Costs
Marketing & Branding
Website Operations
Customer Service Variable Costs:
Direct Labor
Direct Material
Sales Pivot 1 Original MVP:
Smart Phone Case with Kinetics Original Customers:
Smart Phone Users - Active or Travelers
Smart Phone Manufacturers
Smart Phone Case Manufacturers Original Customer Survey:
Targeted Smart Phone Users
Survey Monkey: 90+ results
Personal: 15 interviews New Customer Survey:
Targeted Smart Phone users and bicycle users
Survey Monkey: 9
Face-to-Face: 4 Sales & Marketing Better Understanding of
Customer Pain
Channels used by customer
Web presence to serve our customers
Advertising which best influences our customers
Begin process of designing a brand and trademark Research & Development Understanding of smart phone, OS interface
Connections between device and smart phone
Thorough understanding of charging process and dynamos
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