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Mid-Term Reflection

No description

Cassie Orr

on 15 October 2016

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Transcript of Mid-Term Reflection

I learned that there are many different presentation programs available to use.
I studied and learned how to write on a presentation slide while in presentation mode.

My fourth grade students know how to use PowerPoint but I have been teaching them to use Prezi as well during our computer lab time. They like they can finish what we started at home.
New Skill - PowerPoint
I have learned how to create a template for exit slips.

I also didn't realize how many different types of word processors there are available.
New Skill - Word
Excel has always been very intimidating to me. I learned how to use different formulas. I also learned how to input information from Word into Excel.

I want to teach my students the basics of Excel so they aren't intimidated and can see all the usefulness of this program.
New Skill - Excel
One area that I can further develop is finding ways use Excel in my classroom.

Reading and Grammar lead me to use Word and Presentation programs regularly but I have struggled to us Excel.

We have started a competition about the number of books we have read. We will be using Excel track and present results.
Area of Development
Another area where I can improve it letting students create more using technology for our class.

I always have a simple PowerPoint with our weekly vocabulary to use throughout the week. I would like students to start creating this to use the skills they have learned.
Area of Development
Course Question
Mid-Term Reflection
EDU 606

What are other ways I can I incorporate student made technology into my class curriculum?
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