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Masawa - Overview

No description

Joshua Haynes

on 29 January 2011

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Transcript of Masawa - Overview

possibilities an illustrative set of apps
that demonstrate the
power of Masawa prototype like an app store for the poor, we’re expanding the networks and opportunities of the world’s poor through informative + innovative + fun mobile applications... kicking poverty in the apps! info news fun

Message Board News Infotainment instructional How-To just 7 apps in the prototype, but imagine the possibilities... money savings group accounting app
financial literacy app
bill query app
insurance app agriculture blight app
technique app
excess quantity app
weather app education literacy / numeracy app
foreign language app
childrens game app
book reading app health visual how-to app
diahrrea guide
clinic connect app
medicine info / reminder know your rights app
land tenure app
incident reporting app
virtual lawyer app legal info religious apps
sports scores app
lottery numbers app
tabloid app ...but with all of these possibilities, we must start somewhere... pilot we add a couple of our apps we first work with a couple orgs
and develop a couple apps money MFI Account Info Loan Calculator agriculture Market Prices check savings, credit account, interest earned, loan payment infomation on your terms see the real cost of a loan check on market prices, before you go to the market get on-demand updates on things that matter to you important news straight to your phone learn from vide0 - a powerful tool because poor people aren’t just poor, they’re people too and we see what happens and we toss them in a blender we take a comprehensive approach to understanding:
what infomation do people need
what information will people consume
what information is useful that is not known
how will people use the apps
how will people consume infomation from the apps
what is their perception of the utility of the apps once we understand the complete in-a-vacuum ecosystem
and learn from our numerous mistakes, we will be able to
scale and replicate.
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