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Catapult Understanding

My understanding of how a catapult works

Sara Parker

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Catapult Understanding

Materials -Wood
-Dog Dish(plastic)
Spring/bungee cord
What Class Of Lever Is It? What IS A Catapult?

How It Works
Also the fulcrum of our catapult(bar that
attaches the base to the catapult)
gives the catapult its ability to be
bent back and released. The load is
decreased on this part of the catapult
due to the spring absorbing the shock.
The energy that is stored in the spring
is called potential energy and when you
release the arm, the energy turns into
kinetic energy.
Our catapult works by
using an effort force
to launch a bean bag.
The effort force(spring)
allows this to occur but
the effort force must be
great enough to launch the
load(bean bag). The Makings Of A Catapult!! Our Catapult is a Class 3 Trebuchet A catapult is a device used to throw or hurl a
projectile a great distance without the aid
of explosive devices. What Is Mechanical Advantage, How Much Does Our Catapult Have And How Do You Calculate MA? Mechanical Advantage is the ratio
of the force produced by a machine
to the force applied to the machine.
Our catapult has a Mechanical Advatage
Of 3. How Much Work Does Our Catapult Do And How Can You Calculate It? You calculate work by multiplying both the force and the distance together
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