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UK ENG Resume 101 Workshop 2015 fall

For Intro to UK Engineering Courses

Melanie Barber

on 5 August 2016

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Transcript of UK ENG Resume 101 Workshop 2015 fall

Writing Activity
Resumé 101
The Basics
What is a resume?
What to put in a resume:
- Education
- Experience
- Language (s)
- Skills
- Honors/ Awards
- Activities
- References (Optional)
John Beck, Assistant Director
285 Ralph G. Anderson Building
Ph: 859-218-1685;
Presented by
Engineering Career Development

How can we make the following bullet points more professional?:
1. What is a resume?
A tool to organize your credentials
2. What do you put on your resume if you never had a job before?
Volunteer work, activities, skills, honors & awards, experience
3. What do you need a resume for?
Jobs you apply to, college, and letters of recommendation
4. How often should you update your resume?
Whenever you do something new
5. Rewrite this bullet point so it is more professional, "Watched kids at community center."
Supervised children ages 5-12 in daily community center activities
Reverse chronological order
Consistency is KEY!
make sure to customize your objective based on the position you wish to obtain.

Market all of your skills! Include social media and public speaking
Make sure your
name is Large!
Email and
has to be
Contact Us
Including relevant skills are key!
Never round up a GPA
Class #'s are not necessary
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