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CENET Work & Travel Orientation

No description

Leslie Corn

on 16 October 2018

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Transcript of CENET Work & Travel Orientation

Program Orientation
Work & Travel
Upon Arrival
Welcome to Cultural Exchange Network's (CENET) Work and Travel Program. As your sponsorship organization, we are here to provide assistance throughout your time as a Work and Travel participant. We hope you find this orientation helpful, and remember you can always contact CENET with any questions or concerns!
Welcome! I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your decision to work abroad. As many of you who have lived abroad know, not only will this experience help to expand your understanding of the world, but you will also gain considerable knowledge about your own individual strengths and weaknesses. In fact, simply accepting the challenge to work abroad inherently demonstrates qualities such as independence, self-confidence, adaptability, tolerance, and an enterprising spirit. While you are in the USA, I would like to encourage you to contact CENET. Having spent more than 15 years living outside the United States, I am always eager to provide my own individual insight if you ever have any specific questions. We look forward to hearing from you!
A Special Welcome...
Rules, Regulations, and Expectations
Rules, Regulations, and Expectations
Robyn Walker, Executive Director
Meet all eligibility criteria of the program.
Have and show adequate financial support.
Maintain adequate health insurance , as arranged by CENET.
Contact CENET upon your arrival in the United States.
Keep CENET informed of your current address and phone number at all times. You must update CENET with your new address within 72 hours if you move to different housing.
Represent your country and CENET with dignity and professionalism.
Obtain the necessary endorsements from CENET before you travel outside the U.S. during your program.
Report to the host company listed on your DS-2019 and remain with this host company throughout your entire program. Failure to do so may result in termination of your program.
Attend all orientation and evaluation sessions organized by CENET, your agent, or your host company.
Know and abide by all host company, landlord, CENET, and government rules, policies, and regulations.
Abide by all signed agreements with CENET and your host company.
Understand that your host company is not your social director. You are responsible for your social life, entertainment, and transportation.
Contact your supervisor with any problems. If the problem continues, contact CENET.
Use the 30 day grace period for travel and leisure only.
Return home at the conclusion of your program in order to continue your studies.
Rules, Regulations, and Expectations
Maintain contact with CENET. Reply to all CENET emails.
Ensure you have at least weekly access to the internet during your program.
Provide documentation of participation in cultural events.
Possess sufficient English language skills to successfully complete the program.
Show a maturity level and personality adequate to participate and benefit from this cultural exchange experience.
Participate only at approved host company sites.
Self-report any issues or concerns you may have during your program.
Understand that the program is not a way to obtain a permanent job in the U.S. or a way to immigrate.
Failure to abide by any of the rules listed in this orientation and in the information provided to you with your DS-2019 may result in dismissal from the program and early return to your home country.
A map to your program success!
We're happy you're here!
You must notify CENET within 72 hours of your arrival in the United States. This arrival notification allows CENET to activate your health insurance and inform the Social Security Administration and the U.S. State Department of your entrance.
2 Ways to Notify CENET:
Online Activation at login.cenet.org
Call free: 1.866.512.3638
Host Company
You must report to the host company listed on your DS-2019 form.

You must remain with this host company throughout your entire program.

Failure to do so could result in the termination of your program.
Host Company & Student Responsibility
An important message from Caroline Eom, Work & Travel Director:
Let's Recap:
Once you accept a position with a U.S. company, you must honor that agreement and remain with the company throughout the program.
Conflicts may arise between you and your host company. If this occurs, CENET encourages you to speak to your supervisor first and try to reach a solution. Even if you are upset, always remember to showcase professionalism, maturity, and respect when discussing your concerns with your supervisor.

If a resolution cannot be reached:
Contact CENET for advice and assistance.
CENET may be able to find alternate employment, depending on the circumstances. However, if a new position cannot be found, you will have to return to your home country.
You should not leave your host company without authorization from CENET. This may result in the termination of your program.
Social Security Number
You need to wait at least 5 days after you have notified CENET of your arrival in the U.S. before applying for the Social Security number.
CENET must activate your record in the SEVIS system, and then it may take 5 days for your information to be available to the Social Security office in SEVIS.
After the 5 day waiting period, you need to take the following documentation with you to the Social Security office when applying:
Job Offer
Program sponsor letter from CENET
Staying in Contact with CENET
You must maintain contact with CENET throughout your stay in the United States. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Notifying CENET of your arrival and housing address
Completing your monthly surveys
Checking your email and responding to all messages from CENET
Notifying CENET immediately of any changes in living arrangement or employment status
Notifying CENET of departure arrangements
Monthly Monitoring
Program manager, Jaime, explains the monthly monitoring:
Let's Recap
Email should be checked at least weekly.
CENET will send important messages and reminders via email.
Do not unsubscribe from CENET emails.
CENET will send a check-in email once every 30 days to make sure you are doing well. You must respond to these emails within 10 days.
The U.S. State Department requires CENET to monitor the location and activity of all participants throughout their program. Failing to keep in contact with CENET may result in termination of your program.

CENET must know your living address, telephone number, and place of employment at all times.
Cultural Component
Kayla, from Program Relations, explains the Cultural Component:
Let's Recap:
Share your experiences with CENET!
We will ask you to submit documentation that shows that you have participated in cultural events in the U.S.

You can submit the following documentation:
Pictures of you having fun somewhere, such as at a museum, a park, or even at work.
A short essay describing your experiences in the United States.
A short video about your experiences in the United States.
Contact Information
For questions or concerns, please email CENET at:
We also have a 24 hour emergency help line:
In case of an emergency...
Wherever you journeyed from...
We are happy you chose to work and travel in the United States!
We like you. Like us, too!
Check out our website for additional information:
Enjoy your Work & Travel Program!
Summer Work and Travel Program
CENET is your program sponsor and your first point of contact. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CENET first.

The Summer Work and Travel program is a cultural exchange program. Please plan to enjoy American culture in your free time and share your own culture as well.
The U.S. Department of State is the governing body of J-1 visas. Per regulations:
The purpose of this program is to provide foreign college and university students with opportunities to interact with U.S. citizens, experience U.S. culture while sharing their own cultures with Americans they meet, travel in the United States, and work in jobs that require minimal training and are seasonal or temporary in order to earn funds to help defray a portion of their expenses.
*It may take several weeks for the card to be issued. You may begin working while the card and number are pending. If your host company has any questions about this, please have them contact CENET.
Responsibilities at Your Host Company
Timeliness. You must report to work on time. If you are unable to work due to an illness or emergency, you should inform your supervisor as soon as possible. You may be asked to provide documentation of your illness or emergency.
Refrain from using your cell phone at work.
Be honest, responsible, and cooperative.
Be respectful of your coworkers and supervisors.
Please remember that it is mandatory to have access to the internet during your program.
Transportation safety

Pedestrian safety tips
Walk on the sidewalk. If a sidewalk is unavailable, you should walk facing traffic.
Cross the street at designated crosswalks or intersections.
At night, carry a flashlight and wear bright clothing.
Be alert at all times. Do not assume that drivers are always paying attention.

Transportation safety
Bicycle safety tips
Always wear a helmet.
Use hand signals to let drivers and other bicyclists know where you are going.
Obey all traffic laws and lights.
Remember to wear bright clothing at night.
Be alert at all times. Do not assume that drivers are always paying attention.

Some host companies provide housing or housing assistance; others do not. Be sure you understand the arrangements with your host company before you leave home.

In some cases, participants will make temporary arrangements, such as a hotel, and then look for longer-term arrangements once they arrive. If you decide on this option, make sure to reserve your hotel room before you leave your home country!

Remember to bring enough money to pay your first month of rent and deposit.
Housing Expectations
Adapting to the Culture
You will be living in a culture that is different than yours. You may have thought there would be little to adapt to, but there are many differences such as accommodations, food, time, space, language, and much more.

You chose to travel abroad to appreciate and understand the culture; otherwise, you would have chosen to remain at home. You will have a wonderful time if you are flexible and appreciate what you see and experience on its own terms.
Transportation options vary among the different cities in the U.S. Be sure you research and understand your options before you leave home and make plans accordingly.

Larger U.S. cities generally have a bus or rail system for inexpensive travel within that particular area.
Smaller cities may not have public transportation. In these cases, you may wish to purchase a bicycle to use during your program.

Health Insurance
Your insurance includes coverage for medical care and hospitalization. However, the following are not covered.
Routine physicals
Most dental work
Most eye care

Medical care in the U.S. can be expensive. If you become seriously ill or injured and you require emergency medical care, you should go to the nearest hospital emergency room. However, for non-emergency illnesses and injuries, you should go to a doctor's office or walk in clinic.
Health Insurance
All types of insurance have a "deductible," an amount you have to pay before the insurance provider will pay anything.
Information regarding your deductible, insurance coverage, and your insurance card will be included in your DS-2019 package. When you receive it, read your policy carefully so you will know what is covered and what is not.
Before you leave your home country, make sure you understand the rules of the program.
Before accepting a job offer, be sure you understand all of the terms and conditions. Research the host company and the area in which you will be living.
Travel Preparations
housing options
transportation options
cost of living
local attractions
travel opportunities outside of the host community
During your program, you will be expected to care for your housing in a responsible manner. You must not damage the accommodations or the furnishings.

In the U.S., rent is generally not prorated for early departures.
You will be financially responsible for the predetermined period stated in your lease, regardless of the date that you move out of your housing unit.

Additionally, if you move out early, you may not receive your housing deposit back. This is a common housing policy in the U.S.

General Safety
Keep your important documents in a safe place at all times.
If anyone takes your passport or other personal documentation or threatens to cancel your visa, report this to CENET immediately.
Carry your CENET emergency ID card with you at all times.
Carry your insurance card with you at all times.
Travel Preparations
Before you leave home you should plan your transportation from the airport to your host company and/or housing.

Some host companies will meet you at the airport; others will not. Make sure you understand the arrangements with your host company before you leave home.
Housing arrangements must be made before you leave your home country.
There are several important aspects of the U.S. business culture that you should remember.
You should also thoroughly research the community in which you will be living. This should include, but is not limited to, the following:
Transportation Safety
I-94 Admissions Number
You will need your I-94 number for your Social Security number and your host company. To retrieve this number, you should visit: https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov and enter the following information as it appears on your passport.

First name
Last name
Birth date
Passport number
Passport country of issuance
Travel Preparations
Before you accept your job offer, you should research the area where the host company is located, as you will be working and living here. The atmosphere and environment varies greatly from city to city.

Some positions are located in urban areas, and some are located in more remote areas. Therefore, the types of cultural activities available will vary based on location.
General Safety
Do not keep large amounts of cash with you or in your room. It is better to open a checking account for your money.
If you lose your cash, there is no way to replace it. CENET is not responsible for any lost cash or possessions.
If you are looking for a second job or housing options, be cautious of the sources you use to research your options.
Travel Validations
If you are planning to travel outside the U.S. during your program, you will need a travel validation on your DS-2019 form. To receive this validation, you must mail the following items to CENET:
Your original DS 2019 form. Do not send a copy.
A letter from your host company that states that they are aware of your travel plans.
A self-addressed, prepaid FedEx or UPS envelope; we will return your DS 2019 in this envelope.

Please use the following address:
338 Broadway, Ste 620
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
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