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Andres Bonifacio and His Contribution to the Katipunan

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on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Andres Bonifacio and His Contribution to the Katipunan

Andres Bonifacio and His Contribution to the Katipunan

Pledges Repair Man (x6) and
Ice JJ Fish

Brief Overview
Andres Bonifacio
One of the major founders of the Katipunan
Believer in Philippine Independence (by revolution)
Bonifacio &The Katipunan
Helped found the Katipunan with major figures, such as Emilio Aguinaldo (1895)
His influential position caused the group to grow from 300 --> 30,000 of July that year
Created multi-island network of fighters under his command to fight Spain
Bonifacio & the Katipunan (Continued)
The Katipunan had Bonifacio as the leader of one of the main armies
The Spanish targed Bonifacio; he helped fueled the Filipino belief in independence
The leader of the other Katipunan Army, Aguinaldo, was Bonifacio's rival during the revolution
Aguinaldo was more successful in battle against Bonifacio, and became president
Bonifacio refused to acknowledge Aguinaldo's status

Early Life
Born: November 30, 1863 in Tondo, Manila
Father: politician, boatman, tailor
Had five younger siblings
Mother: Worker @ cigarette rolling company
1881 & 1882: mother died (tuberculosis) then father
At 19, worked as a broker for raw materials like tar; later became a grocer at German firm Fressell & Co.,
Right before the Katipunan
Followed another hero, Jose Rizal and the La Liga Filipina
Observed Rizal's belief in Filipino independence; strengthened his own beliefs
Bonifacio wanted a reform in the will of the Filipino people against Spain
Rizal banished from the Philippines by Spain after the start of this group; Bonifacio still kept the will and ideal of Rizal
Sad Fate
Bonifacio was executed by Aguinaldo's forces since he did not acknowledge Aguinaldo's presidential status
Despite this, Bonifacio is a recognized hero to the Filipino people
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