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The Internship

No description

Autumn Henchell

on 11 January 2015

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Transcript of The Internship

For the miscellaneous internships we all participated in, I chose Monroeville Volunteer Fire Company Number Four (MVFC4) as my own. I was there four days a week for an average of sixteen hours per week.
MVFC4: A History
Before I go in depth of just how informational my internship was, some background knowledge is needed. MVFC4 first opened in 1955 and was the forth Monroeville department in the Municipality.
With the most yearly calls, number 4 is often referred to as the "Big House." The station has over 60 current members.
Why a Fire Station?
Many may wonder why and how I got my internship at MVFC4, the reason being simple; I can both learn and help people. As a firefighter, most learn the best though hands on experience and studying.
What I've Learned
I have learned many things while at the fire house. One of the first you are taught is the importance of safety. Safety is not just making sure you are wearing your seatbelt, or being extra cautious while operating on a scene. Safety is something that begins in house by training, studying, and learning the job. The more one continues to train and sharpen the skills of the job in the house, the safer first responders will be when operating at a scene.
How Did I Get into Firefighting?
I got into firefighting as a child, when my mother used to take me to Braddock Station 113. Basically, I went from playing hid and go seek on the engines to actually riding the apparatus.
What I Do
At my internship, I help both the fire and medical worlds. This means I gain the experience as an exterior firefighter and soon to be EMT. While riding the trucks, I can set up ladders, hose the outside of a fire scene and do whatever else I'm told to do, while I am limited to just taking patient vitals and learning from the medics while on an ambulance.
The Challenge
Being a female at a fire department isn't easy. Men who are not used to a girl around the fire station either ignored me entirely or wouldn't allow me to help at a scene. My piece of advise, as given to every new Probie at MVFC4, would be to keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth closed.
The Career
Firefighting is a challenging career. Not only is it difficult to handle some scenes mentally, but it is also physically demanding. Someday in the near future, I hope to become an interior firefighter at my station Monroeville Volunteer Fire Company Number 4.
The Internship
By Autumn Henchell
MVFC 4: Mission Statement
We will do all we can to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our internal and eternal customers/communities through smart, well trained, humble, dedicated, competent, hardworking and safe members. We value the public's trust and are committed to honest and ethical behavior. We hold ourselves accountable to these values. We believe in a personal commitment to the Organization and the community. Self-discipline is the foundation for managing behavior.
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