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Imaging Literature Project

Jennifer Lu

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Anthem.

Anthem Individuality Light We I Freedom The lightbulb represented the truth in Anthem. Equality 7-2521 brought the light by bringing his invention of the lightbulb. The light would have helped the society a lot since they used candle light. It represented the dignity of the humans.It shined upon the darkness of the society. I chose freedom as a concept in Anthem because in the society, everyone was like a slave named by a number. Everyone also had to talk about others using the plural forms of pronouns including saying themselves. I chose the color white to represent freedom because of how it is free with being just simple and less complicated then the others. I chose individuality as a theme for Anthem. Equality 7-2521 stood out from the rest by how he had the courage and perseverance to go to the tunnel to study the Forbidden Scrolls and to go to the Council to show his invention of the lightbulb and its light. Equality 7-2521 was the Chosen One from how he was the first to break free and escape the society that he had been living his whole life. "We" was a word used by everyone in the society. It was declared by the Council that everyone talks of others or themselves by using this word along with the other plural forms of pronouns. I illustrated this by having a person and an "X" marked on it showing that it is not right. I chose the word "I" to represent its rightful use for singularity among the society. Equality 7-2521 discovered it in a book in the house that he found after he ventured through the forest. He found the true meaning of an individual calling himself "I" to not be confused with the plural use of "we". This helped simplify the people's understanding of it.
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