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What is #lrnchat?

No description

David Kelly

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of What is #lrnchat?

What is #lrnchat? Fire Hose #lrnchat is an online chat over
the social messaging service Twitter It's a scheduled 60 minute chat
for those interested in Learning When Does
Take Place? #lrnchat Takes Place Every Thursday At 8:30pm EST How Do I Participate? Do You Have a Twitter Account? (That's the first step) Search for the hashtag #lrnchat Congratulations! You just joined #lrnchat! Now you need to participate Follow the feed, and look at the questions being asked When you're ready to respond to a question or statement, enter it in the 'What's Happening?' box. Just don't forget to include the #lrnchat hashtag in your tweets! Want to Learn More? (of course you do) How Do I Participate? The #lrnchat feed will appear Follow the feed, looking at the questions and comments people make. IMPORTANT: Do not try to read and absorb every tweet. That would be like trying to
take a drink from a fire hose To join the discussion, post an update using the #lrnchat hashtag That's the 3 minute intro version (which would be bad) Join us Thursday Night for #lrnchat Live!
Online, or in-person at the Hilton Bar
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