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Copy of The Crucible Timeline

No description

Rosemarie Neri

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Crucible Timeline

The Crucible
Event 1
Girls are caught dancing in the woods.
Event 2
Tituba is accused of witchcraft and is whipped. She gets saved by Rev Hale and becomes a believer of God.
Event 4
Betty wakes in front of a huge group of people and tells them who she saw dancing in the woods with the devil.
Event 5
John Proctor arrives at his home and tells his wife Elizabeth about his affair with Abigail Williams.
Salem Witch Trials begin.
Event 8
Rev Hale arrives with other members of Court and uncovers a poppit with a sewing needle in it.
Event 11
After Elizabeth Proctor gets taken to jail, John Proctor goes into court and confesses his relationship with Abigail Williams.
Event 13
After 91 people being accused of witchcraft, Abigail and the other girls are taken into the courtroom with John and Elizabeth Proctor present.
Event 8
John Proctor confesses to Thomas Putnam, (Judge in Salem), that he never saw anyone with the Devil. After saying what he confessed, John Proctor agrees to sign a legal document for the people of the church that he was sentenced to witchcraft.
Event 9
After signing the legal document, Proctor takes it back. He agreed that he did see people with the Devil but never described names, therefore Proctor gets taken away by the Court and gets sentenced to hanging.
Event 10
John Proctor and two other woman get sentenced to hang. As they are waiting to be hung they begin to say a prayer. Just as John finishes his prayer the rope gets dropped.
Chase Vondrak
Jacob Westphal P.6
Thanks for watching
Abigail confesses her love for John Proctor he says it'll never happen.
Event 3
Event 6
Court officials come to question
Elizabeth and John Proctor about
why they don't go to church. Proctor
has to recite the 10 Commandments.
Elizabeth lies about why she kicked
out Abigail out of the house, and denies
John committing adultery.
Event 9
Rev Hale believes that the poppit belongs
to Elizabeth Proctor, but it is actually owned
by Mary Warren, Elizabeth's house keeper.
Event 7
Abigail gets stabbed in the stomach
and blames Elizabeth for having a voo
doo doll on her.
Francis Nurse tries to show
a deposition, and the judges
don't want to hear it. He brings
a signed petition showing
His wife is a good citizen and
all 91 get arrested.
Event 10
Event 12
Marry confesses about the Poppet and the girls start mocking her and acting bewitched.
Event 14
Event 14
After Marry realizes either way shes gonna get in trouble she sides with the girls, and turns on the Proctors.
By Rosemarie Neri
Period 4.
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