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Percy Jackson

No description

Lindsey Hurchanik

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Percy Jackson

Half Mortal + Half Immortal=
One Hero Stage 1: Ordinary World
Percy Jackson is living an ordinary life.
He is just an ordinary teen attending high
school. He in fact has ADHD and Dyslexia. Stage 2: Call to Adventure
While at a camp Hades appears as a fiery beast. He tells Percy the only way to get his mother back is to give him Zeus' lightning bolt, which Percy does not have. He then heads for The Underworld. Stage 4: Mentor
Percy's dad Poseidon, God of the Sea, talks to him secretly throughout the movie, giving him advice. He gives him advice about things such as warning him against things that could be bad. He actually never even meets his dad, until the end. Stage 5: Crossing the Threshold
Percy is led to Camp Half Blood by Grover his
best friend and protector. This is a really strange
place for him because the teens there are training,
not being normal. This is because they're not they
are demigods, half mortal half immortal. Stage 6: Tests, gains allies makes/encounters enemies
Percy meets Annabeth and is not sure if she is an ally or enemy. She tells him that she definitely has feelings for him, she's just not sure what kind they are. She does accompany him on his journey along with Grover. Stage 9: Take Possession of a Physical Reward
When he gets to Hades' lair, he find that his plan did not work. When he tells Hades that he does not have the lightning bolt, Hades threatens to kill Percy, his friends and his mother. He eventually escapes with technically two rewards, his mother and the lightning bolt.
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