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Escape the City introducing Last Great Challenge


Dom Jackman

on 22 January 2010

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Transcript of Escape the City introducing Last Great Challenge

Escape the City introducing Last Great Challenge
“Everyone has a purpose – what’s yours?”
What is Esc?
It's not about us
It's about the platform that we're building
It's about our Heroes
Over to Justin....
Escape the City is a platform for people who believe that there is more to life than working in a job that doesn’t excite, inspire or fulfill you…
We want Escape the City to provide...
Roz Savage...
What do you want your obituary to say?
1. Find a job that you will love
2. Do amazing adventures
3. Start your own businesses
"Don't ever aspire to be average"
Our first Esc Hero....
Roz Savage
Management Consultant turned Ocean Rower
Esc isn't about rowing oceans standing on your head
Esc Opportunities
Listings of interesting alternatives to your current employment in the form of exciting jobs and projects
Esc Heroes
Profiles of people who have successfully made the changes that many others aspire to: their stories and useful information for the transition
Esc Connections
Esc Talks
Esc Resources
A platform to meet like-minded people (online and offline) to share experiences, to plan projects, and to help each other escape
You're at one!
An information database (with useful organisations, websites, articles, books and events) to help our members research their escape by the areas that interest them
"Everyone has a purpose... What's yours?"
Perhaps the last great Polar prize...
...The first expedition to the South Pole, and back... unsupported
Proudly introducing the Last Great Challenge
"Everyone has a purpose in life... What's yours?"
Justin Miles
Last Great Challenge
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