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Özak Global

No description

Mükremin Can

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Özak Global

Brief History of Özak Global
Özak in Textile
PESTEL analysis
5 Forces analysis
Generic Strategy
SWOT analysis

History of Özak
1985 Foundation of ÖZAK Ready-Made Clothing (Monthly Capacity is 5.000 units, Number of Personnel is 7)
1990 Participation of 2nd Generation of Family, Incorporation and Establishment of ÖZAK Textile
1991 First Export from ÖZAK Textile
1995 Establishment of INT-ER CONSTRUCTION Company
1999 Opening of ÖZAK Textile Mother Factory (Istanbul, Bağcılar)
2002 First Contracting Production in Europe
2003 Opening of ÖZAK Leaching Factory (Istanbul, Bagcilar)
2004 Establishment of AKTAY Tourism

Principals and Mission Statement:
*Being a corporation having such qualifications; generating profit to partners:

*Providing added value to customers.

*Relying on employees.

*Beneficial to society and environmental friendly.

*Being creative and innovative and integrated with world markets.

*Prioritizing accuracy in its relations.

*Striving for the perfect in every business conducted.

History of Özak Continued
Objectives and Vision Statement
* Continue to be leader in the “Market that the company provide product and service”
* Creating outstanding satisfaction and provide value beyond expectation in production products and services.
* To be a corporation that employees want to work as a first choice and in which they trust.
* To be a corporation that is ranked at the top preference list of capital.
* Targets being a preferred target customer of suppliers, with which is renowned by company’s quality, reliability and value provided in the world.
* Being sensitive and harmonious to natural and societal environment, furthermore, providing economic, technological and social benefit.

2004 Start of İşİstanbul34 Office Construction (30.000 m2 Istanbul, Güneşli)
2005 Start of ELA Quality Resort Hotel Construction
2007 Opening of ELA Quality Resort Hotel (Antalya, Belek)
2007 Opening of Malatya Sewing Factory
2007 Opening of Çatalca Sewing and Cutting Factory
2007 Start of 34Portall Multi-purpose Building Construction (90.000 m2 Istanbul, İkitelli)
2009 Establishment

of ÖZAK Energy
2009 Establishment of ÖZAK REIT
2009 ÖZAK Textile (Monthly Capacity is 400,000 units, Number of Personnel is 1500)
2009 Gathered under the umbrella of ÖZAK Global Holding Inc
2009 Completion of İşİstanbul34 Office Project
Real Estate & Construction
Upcoming Projects
Textile Continued
Regions of Export
5 Forces Analysis
Started in 2009

It is a new experiment for Özak
Founded in 1985 by Akbalık family in Mercan, near Tahtakale.

With the power of high quality standards and design advantage, began to exportation in 1991 just six years after its establishment.

1999 Opening of ÖZAK Textile Mother Factory (Istanbul, Bağcılar)

2007 Opening of Malatya Sewing Factory

2007 Opening of Çatalca Sewing and Cutting Factory

2009 Completion of İşİstanbul34 Office Project and 34 Portall.
One factory in Urfa.

- 30% non-denim fabric, 70% denim production.

- Number of workers: around 2000 workers and 250 managerial staffs.

-Monthly production capacity is between 450000 and 550000 pieces.

-4 factories throughout Turkey and having indoor area 57000 m2.

They do not specialize in one sector, Instead they spread their Investments into different ones.

They see Textile like a Cash Cow and with the money they earn from it they finance new projects

Managerial Part seems in complete chaos. They do not have control mechanism (they are trying to adapt new one) and when processing new samples, they are tend to get lost between marketing and production

They do not have brand value and brands like their competitors (Mavi, Colins, LittleBig) they kept it only B2B

They do not have clear vision and mission statements

PESTEL Analysis
Generic Analysis

Buyers are international large retailer chains and have bargaining power on Özak.
Özak has a reliable and structured supply chain but buys supply on demand basis.
Substitutes of denim products are non denim products.
Potential Entrants
There is a large pool of potentials in Turkey and World textile sector.
Özak's head rivals in Turkey are Eroğlu (Colins), Erak (Mavi) and Çak Textile (LittleBig). They also do B2B
Political Factors
Decision of Government supply in terms of export & Turkish Export Targets for 2023
Economic Conditions
Turkey has a big potential in textile sector.
Sociocultural Factors
Lifestyles and age group are important points for denim sector
Technological Factors
Following technological changes is critical in denim production.
Environmental Factors
Turkey's climate is suitable for cotton farming.
Legal Factors
Occupational healthy safety and environmental certificates are required.
Best-Cost focused strategy with high quality products depending on the demands of the customers

SWOT Analysis
Strong Connections
Experience in the business
Facilities that are ready for mass production
Strong company culture
High quality products with low cost
Growing Textile Industry in Turkey
Governmental incentives
Demand in Europe for Turkey not China
Since market is growing can take higher portion from it
Communication Issues within the company
Distributing capital into different sector investments
No brand recognition in B2C
Managers focused on the other branches
Strong Competition
Customers bargaining power
Gap between market leader and Özak
Can easily change from Cash Cow into Dogs
Managers should improve their attention on textile industry not just other new areas

Özak should get a cooperate identity not a family-business identity

Upgrade in Management Information Systems to avoid unnecessary costs

Customer relations should not just consists on cooperate level but also marketing should evolve into relations
Company Overview
Sectors that Özak Involved
Real Estate and Construction
Ayşe Emekçi
Sena Demir
Mükremin Bekir Can

Based on the Interview with Ulfi Akbalık CEO of Özak Textile
Company with Numbers
Total export of Özak Textile: from 82 to 85 million TL in the period of 2012- 2013
150 million TL in 2013 revenue in total (Özak Global)
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