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john poopoo

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of IRELAND THE GREAT 2

Ireland! Northern ireland forms part of U.N. Ireland is world famous 4
St.Patricks day, and leperchans, clovers ect. AIN'T IRELAND COOL A typical irish breakfast includes
eggs sausages bread ham jelly
and orange juice Now the ANTHEM The geography of Ireland
is an island with small mountains.
the tallest mountain is 1,041 meters
IRELAND Old Irish fasion, a long dress with an under shirt One of the many irish celebrations is St. Patrick Irish currency used to be the irish pound
but in 2002 it was changed to the euro. irish education is one of the highest in Eourope
and the levels of education are very high life expancy rate 70-75 years
Ireland's government has a prez.but it is not conisidered his or hers Irelands economy has transferred from agriculture to tecnology and banking Machinery and equipment
Live animals
Animal products Products from Ireland SPORTS Sports
Gaelic foot ball 36 per cent
(is a mix of soccer, volley ball
and rugby)
hurling 23 per cent
soccer 16 per cent
rugby 8 per cent
there there Lets talk about
Ireland is a REPUBLIC c gh z Mary Mc Aleeces The current president
Old fasion men black jacket and light shirt under the president is not the head of the government
a prime minister is
Main Language is English

99 percent of the people above 15 can read and write
99 9999999999999 99 percent of the people above 15 can read and write Thanks for visiting IRELAND All these things Where are you ? The national bird is the euoropean robin
and the winter wren
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