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Company Culture

No description

Rebekah Dowell

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Company Culture

What is Company Culture?
Company culture
is the personality of a company and defines what a company, from an employee perspective, is like to work for. Company culture includes the company mission,
, ethics, expectations, goals, and
work environment
Red Bull
Pixar's objective is to
proprietary technological
world-class creative talent
to develop computer-animated feature films with
character and
stories that appeal to audiences of all ages.
How it works
The service allows users to communicate with peers by voice using a microphone, video by using a webcam, and instant messaging over the Internet. Phone calls may be placed to recipients on the traditional telephone networks.
Company Culture
Then and Now
Leaders in sponsoring extreme sport athletes, musicians, and events
Dominate energy drink field
In more than 166 countries
Taking company and product out of this world
What is the working environment like at Pixar?
Pixar's headquarter is in Emeryville, CA.
It is a branch of Disney
This is an environment made to spark creative ideas, collaboration, and work with who the employee is.
This was formed with the main influence of Steve Jobs
Introvert vs. Extravert
Extremely motivated and intense work place
Pixar supports parental leaves, sabbaticals, and fun
Balance does matter
Leadership in Pixar
John Lasseter and Ed Catmull
Bought Pixar in 2006
Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford University in 1995. By 1996, they had built a search engine (initially called BackRub) that used links to determine the importance of individual webpages.
A google workspace complete with a jungle gym.
Work Environment
At Google, they believe quality work comes from the environment you are in.
Google employees can suggest ideas to change the workplace to add a personal touch of creativity to each work space.
Introverts Vs. Extroverts
What Googlers believe.
Focus on the user and all else will follow.
It’s best to do one thing really, really well.
You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer.
You can be serious without a suit.
The need for information crosses all borders
Google's Headquarters is located in
Mountain View California otherwise
known as the Googleplex
The Numbers
Provides satellite TV to approximately 14 million subscribers.
Employs more than 35,000 people .
Revenues surpassed $14 billion in 2011
37% year-end stock increase in 2011
> Rating: 2.3
> Number of reviews: 831
> CEO approval rating: 40% (Joseph Clayton)
> Employees: 35,000

> Rating: 2.2
> Number of reviews: 346
> CEO approval rating: 32% (Joseph Clayton)
> Employees: 34,000

24/7 Wall St. Analysis
What They Do
Sell small business, personal finance, accounting and tax software, and cloud-based services to individuals, small businesses, accountants and banks.
Products include

Joseph Clayton
Charlie Ergen
FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work for 2014 (Ranked 8)
The Candidate Experience Awards (CandE) 2013
FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work for 2013 (Ranked 22)
FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work for 2012 (Ranked 19)

“We Care and Give Back”
Company acronym that Intuit takes to heart in dealing with customers, the community, and them.

First 30 days of employment: “no work, no worries” policy
Design for Delight forums with leaders outside company
Identify innovative ways to go beyond expectations through every state of the customer experience
Four days of paid time off a year to volunteer
In 2012 Intuit and its employees donated $54 million and more than 10,000 volunteer hours
Intuit and its customers raised $2.2 million to support troops and their families facing financial emergencies

Skype is a freemium voice-over-IP service and instant messaging client, currently developed by the Microsoft Skype Division. The name was derived from "sky" and "peer". Skype was first released in August 2003

US Headquarters
Located in Palo Alto California
Skype’s primary goal was to create a world-class office that would differentiate them from their Bay Area competitors in the recruitment of talent
Skype implements
Scrum development
(iterative idea generation) and a philosophy called ‘
Agile Thinking
’ (the affect of environment on thought process).
What it Provides
Free standing units or pods distribute throughout the space contain the meeting functions and provides high level acoustic privacy for Skype calls.
Distinct unique types of spaces facilitate three types of working collaboration, contemplation , concentration
Concentration and Collaboration
The concentration zones (workstation areas) are pushed to the building perimeter and benefit from natural light and lower noise levels.
Contemplation spaces are interspersed in the form of overlapping casual lounges.
Collaboration zones (meeting rooms, coffee kiosks, white board areas) are centered along main access spines on each level which encourages staff to literally ‘meet in the middle’
Why is Company Culture important?
Employee Engagement
Personal environment fit (PE fit) is the compatibility between an individual and a work environment that occurs when their characteristics are well matched
Consequences of Employee Engagement
Individual Level
Physical well-being
Psychological well-being
Corporate-level financial performance
Customer Satisfaction
Organizational Level
These are greatly affected by Company Culture, whether that is by environment or by the work style embraced by company.
Introvert vs. Extravert
is the process of using intelligence, imagination, and skill to develop a new or novel product, object, process, or thought
Creativity can be enhanced by effectively managing the stages of creativity and by fostering a positive and supportive work environment
Create a "safe" work environment that encourages risk taking, autonomy, collaboration, and trusting relationships among employees.
John is known for wearing a different Hawaiian shirt every single day to work. He is the Chief Creative Officer
Pixar uses daily reviews of "dailies" as a process of giving and receiving constant feedback
At Pixar, nobody should be afraid to fail. As long as they fail quickly and correct themselves.
He is the President of both Pixar and Disney
Idea Jams
4 hours a week
Any project the employee is passionate about
Helped generate $100 million in revenue from products that didn't exist 3 years ago
Results:Survey Statistics
94% say they are proud to tell others where they work
93% say they’re willing to give extra to get the job done
92% say they carry a lot of responsibility
92% say they receive special and unique benefits
92% say they’re able to take time off when needed
90% say the company has a “we’re all in this together” feeling
95% say they’re proud of how Intuit contributes to society
90% say they hope to be at Intuit for a long time

"The hours were long, yes, but it was Ergen’s habit of unilaterally making decisions that most irked Neuman.”
Dish Network
A direct-service satellite provider headquartered in Englewood, Colorado .
Providing satellite television & internet, audio programming and interactive television to the United States
"Multiple ex-employees say it’s not uncommon to see Ergen publicly berate an executive for scanning in a few minutes late, even if that executive had spent the previous 12 hours at home working through the night."

" If it's not on your break, you have to ask to go to the bathroom. What is this, elementary school?"
Long Hours
"Everyone is expected to work long hours, and sometimes you're not even thanked for it"
High Executive Turnover
- Executives commonly did not last more than 3 years
- Michael Neuman lasted 8 months as COO
"To be the very best at
delivering video anywhere, anytime."
"Worst Company To Work For In America"
Fun Facts
Toy Story 3 garbage scene
Babies at Pixar
Wall-E, Bugs Life, Monsters Inc, and Finding Nemo
Dead Whale
Red Bull History
Originally Thailand drink Krating Daeng
Created by Chaleo Yoovidhya
Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz discovered it cured his Jet lag
1984- both co-founded with understanding that Mateschitz would run the company
Product launched in 1987
Not just a new product, but a totally new product category.
Adventure since 1988- Dolomitenmann
Combines mountain running, paragliding, kayaking and mountain biking.
Newest edition to the company
The offices occupy a former shipbuilding factory beside a harbor just north of the city.
“To design the inner space, we aimed at retrieving Red Bull’s philosophy, dividing spaces according to their use and spirit, to suggest the idea of the two opposed and complementary hemispheres of the human mind, reason versus intuition, arts versus the industry, dark versus light, the rise of the angel versus the mention of the beast”, says Jean Pelland, lead design Architect
The Future of Dish
"How is our team working?"
Company wide surveys
Improved benefits
"The Meanest Company in America"
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