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Flowers For Algernon

No description

Jessica Mastel

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Flowers For Algernon

Flowers For Algernon Group Project
Jessica Mastel
Brooke Meyer
Mikki Braun
Jonathan Albers

Gimpy's moral reasoning vacillates between a 2 and a 5.
Original (Low IQ) Charlie
Regressed IQ Charlie
High IQ Charlie
Gimpy is at moral reasoning Stage 2 because he steals from the bakery to get extra money.
[after regressed Charlie returned to the bakery and was picked on by a new worker] "...Gimpy came over limping on his bad foot and he said if anyone bothers you or trys to take advantage you call me or Joe or Frank and we will set him strait..." (Keyes 309).
Gimpy's Results for the Multiple Intelligence Test
Gimpy scored high in the Logical portion of the quiz. He figured out how to steal money from the bakery so that no one knew that he was doing it.
Rose is a Stage 3 on the Moral Reasoning Scale.
Rose's Results of the Multiple Intelligence Test
Rose is intrapersonal because she knows what she wants.
Alice is a Stage 5 of Moral Reasoning.
Alice is a Stage 5 because she cares about the results of Charlie's experiment and his future.
Alice's Multiple Intelligence Graph
In the beginning, low IQ Charlie was a Stage 3 on the Kohlberg Stages of Moral Reasoning.
He was a Stage 3 because he wanted everyone's approval.
"I just want to be smart like other pepul so I can have lots of frends who like me" (Keyes 13).
Original (Low IQ) Charlie's Multiple Intelligence Test
High IQ Charlie was at Stage 5 on the Scale of Moral Reasoning most of the time after the experiment until he started regressing mentally.
High IQ Charlie's Multiple Intelligence Test
Now Charlie has regressed back to where he similarly was in IQ level. He also has regressed to a Stage 2 and Stage 3 on the Moral Reasoning Scale.
Charlie is a Stage 2 because he's back to thinking mainly about himself.
"But I'm keeping up with my reading and learning... to help me" (Keyes 303).
Charlie is still a Stage 3 because he wants people to like him. It's very important to him that people don't feel sorry for him.
Regressed Charlie's Multiple Intelligence Test Results
The End
Gimpy is also at Stage 5 because he looks after Charlie
"He [Gimpy] had deliberately undercharged the customer , and there had been an understanding between them" (Keyes 86).
Rose is a Stage 3 because she wants to please people.
"The most important thing had always been what other people thought--appearances before herself or her family" (Keyes 260).
Charlie is a Stage 5 because he now considers the feelings of others, particularly Alice.
"As I listened to what she was saying, the enormity of it dawned on me, I had been so absorbed in myself and what was happening to me that I never thought about what was happening to her" (Keyes 124).
Alice scored high in logical because she knew that it was not the right time to have a relationship with Charlie. This is an example of Logical reasoning.
"What I mean is, we have no right to put this on a personal...emotional level. You have so much to do. I have no right to come into your life at this time" (Keyes 81).
[When Alice is talking about Charlie's rapidly increasing intelligence] "'I just hope to God,' she whispered, 'that you don't get hurt'" (Keyes 79).
"As you know, my experiments are completed. I have included in my report all of my formulas, as well as mathematical analysis of the data in the appendix. Of course, these should be verified" (Keyes 254).
Charlie's multiple intelligence test shows that he is high in Logical intelligence. This makes sense because he is able to think logically and mathematically to discover the Algernon-Gordon Effect.
"I dont want Miss Kinnian to feel sorry for me. I know evrybody feels sorry for me at the bakery and I dont want that eather so Im going someplace where they are a lot of other pepul like me and nobody cares that Charlie Gordon was once a genus and now he cant even reed a book or rite good" (Keyes 309).
Regressed Charlie's multiple intelligence chart shows that he scores strongly in the Kinaesthetic area. Charlie himself realized this as well.
[When deciding whether or not he wants to back to work at the bakery] "I am strong and I can werk" (Keyes 306).
Low IQ Charlie scores very high in interpersonal because he understands how to make people happy. This is a fact that is recognized by Alice during an argument she has with Charlie later on in the book.
"'There was something in you before. I don't know...a warmth, an openness, a kindness that made everyone like you and like to have you around'" (Keyes 122).
First she wants Charlie to be smart and will do anything necessary to make it happen.
"'He's going to be normal, whatever we have to do, whatever it costs'" (Keyes 135).
Then she changes her focus to Norma when she is born and decides that for Norma to have a normal life, Charlie has to go.
[In an argument with Matt] "'He's got to be sent away. I don't want him in the house any more with her'" (Keyes 169).
"How many times had he used me as a go between to deliver packages to her, under charging her so that later they could split the difference?" (Keyes 87)
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