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Copy of Marketing Plan - Boeing

T BUS 320 Marketing Plan developed for KeyBank Professional Development Center (targeted to Boeing)

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Marketing Plan - Boeing

Marketing Plan
KeyBank professional development center: Boeing
Market Summary
Market Summary
Product Definition
Market: Review changes in market share, leadership, players, market shifts, costs, pricing, competition
Vivian Diep
Donna Kopmar
William Lentz
Monique Romero
Olya Snyder
Kyle Weston
SWOT Analysis
Limited Classes
(Lack of Variety)
Affiliation with UW
On Site Training
Credible Instructors
High Overhead Costs
Financial Aid
develop Canvas: easier online access for online enrollment, online courses, exit surveys
easier access through UWT website to an updated website
develop wider market by online advertisement to generate more revenue
banners, sending emails in weekly Boeing emails and 411 emails through UWT, developing a YELP page
put out an advertisement with bundle package deals for Boeing on the intranet
Technological Innovation
Expand Locations
Offer Scholarships
UW Seattle Certificate Programs
Community College / CE
communication Strategies
Integrated Marketing Communication
online banners
apparel and items
personal selling
sales promotion
direct marketing
public relations
make program so great others will sell it with word of mouth
bundle packages for Boeing
ads on bulletin boards
special events
speeches from Lisa
Communication strategies
products (lanyards, water bottles, etc) to be sold at the UW bookstore
given out to students after completing a course
using UW to help advertise on school website and school events
online banners
brochures at Boeing and UW bookstore
New-Product Development
New-Product Development
Apparel to market KeyBank Professional Development Center
Have a section in the book store to purchase these items:
Water Bottles ($10)
T-Shirts ($10)
Give out packages when students complete courses
Student ID for discounts, buses, sports events, and gear
Sweatshirts ($25)
Lanyards ($5)
$5,000 Limit
White $299
Green $1,675
Black $4,990
Offer other related courses
Cheaper than in house programs
1. Strategic Positioning
Early Adopters
Early Majority
Tore, online consumers, resource providers
Brand Redevelopment
A more branded website
Partnership with UW
Utilizing their marketing resources
Consistent Headers
Keybank Merchandise
Creating Loyalty
Word of Mouth Advertising
Creating exceptional value
Lanyards, hoodies, etc.
Public Relations
Launch Strategies
Keeping pulse on dynamic business developments
Using former students as advocates
Proactively adapting to
new technology and trends
Creating presentations at Boeing events
Using databases to create market leverage
How to Add Value
Value: A customer's perception of relative price and expectations with performance
Brand: University of Washington carries with it a known commodity
Keybank strives to be a high cost; high value firm
Testimonials: Keybank needs to utilize former consumers that were satisfied
Affiliate Program: A financial incentive for referrals for the product
Success Metrics
Success Metrics
Measures of Success/Failures
Requirements for Success
First Year Goals
Establish and Reach Target market
Generate Contracts/Partnerships with Boeing/Outside Companies
Develop Online Registration Tool
Additional Year Goals
Employee "Buy-In"
Aggressive Marketing
Supportive & Dedicated Staff

Use of Resources (UW Brand)
Growing Customer Base
Customer Satisfaction
Employee Satisfaction
Implement a multifaceted distribution plan that caters specifically to Boeing employees through the lens of the more for more positioning strategy
-Stress the value and accessibility associated with being willing and able to offer instruction from UW faculty on site, at Boeing, or at whatever location is most convenient for Boeing employees.
Physical Distribution
Digital Distribution
-Recognize the demand for online classes and offer such programs to accommodate Boeing employees, who may lack the time and resources necessary to attend classes in person, due to their job obligations

-Allow for virtual interaction via Skype
More for More
With a higher comparative cost comes greater value
-Instruction from highly qualified UW staff members
-Other programs offered by competing institutions (Villanova, local community colleges, etc...) do not hold the prestige and reputation of UW
-Unrivaled instructor/student interaction
-Flexibility in scheduling and availability
-No extensive wait list for enrollment, unlike similar programs offered through Boeing
Macro/Micro Environment
Taking Advantage of a Vertical Market
-A vertical market meets the needs of a particular industry by offering a limited number of specialized programs, rather than a broad selection

-Narrowing bulk of marketing focus to a few programs
-The Key Bank Center can capitalize on the ever growing demand from Boeing for programs such as Lean Six Sigma by increasing marketing efforts associated with Lean Six Sigma and shifting away from other, less profitable, programs directed at other demographics
Micro Environment
The Company: Key Bank
Supplier: UW faculty
Marketing Intermediaries: UW
Customer: Boeing
Boeing’s personal training
Local community colleges
Publics: Government
Macro Environment
Demographic Forces: Generation Y, Males, middle/upper class citizens
Economic Forces: recession recovery results in increased spending
Technological Forces: Generation Y is generally tech savvy
Political Forces: Government stresses importance of lean program
Discounts on classes
- Is a production practice that was derived from the Japanese manufacturing industry
- Lean manufacturing is based on finding efficiencies and removing wasteful steps that don’t add value to the end product.
- Lean is centered on preserving value with less work based on the principal of just in time inventory continuous improvement
Six Sigma
- Is a set of tools and strategies for process improvement originally developed by Motorola
- Seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes.
Lean Six Sigma
Lean six sigma is a business and data driven, disciplined approach to reducing waste and minimizing defects in any types of process. LSS focuses on reduction of waste, increased profitability and customer satisfaction
White Belt
Green Belt
Black Belt
Supervisors, managers directors or executive level staff who may be tasked with implementing and managing teams using Lean Six Sigma process.
Assist staff in using the process and facilitate team efforts. Collect data, make initial interpretations and begin to formulate recommendation that are fed to Black Belts.
Project management, statistical analysis, financial analysis, meeting facilitation and project prioritization for the organization. Coaches and mentor to green Belts. ($ 4,990)
1. Villanova
-An online certified certificate program

2. AcuityInstutue.com
-An online Business school that specializes in Six Sigma training and other management training.

3. Boeing Training Program
-A two year processes that certifies Boeing Employees

4. Community Colleges and other continuing education
Other Promotion
Other Promotions
1.Boeing’s Family Fun Day
2.Email through personal network
4.Word of mouth
5.Have students write a review after taking a course
Green Belt
Black Belt
White Belt
Thank you for your time
Lean Six Sigma 50 Hours
Leading in a Lean Environment 12 Hours
Communicating with Data 12 Hours
Green Belt Team Facilitation 8 Hours
Lean Transformation 8 Hours
Practicum 30 Hours
Total 120 Hours
5 Clock or Contact Hours or 0.5 CEUs
Includes lunch and a free guest registration for supervisor or co-worker.
40 Clock or Contact Hours or 4.0 CEUs
Night time/weekend classes
Code of Ethics: To provide excellent professional instruction to a diverse group of people with absolute integrity.
Executive Summary
into the future
Returns of 100%
More for more
Offering exceptional value at a higher price
Keybank to UW
And word of mouth advertising
Looking at advertising and marketing the Key Bank Professional Development Center as an investment instead of a cost will bring in returns in the long run
With the prestigious UW brand and hand on classroom setting, the Key Bank Professional Development Center would benefit from marketing the center as a more for more entity, where initially the costs may seem high, but customers have good reason to spend more for what we offer
With the profit the center will make by implementing this marketing plan, it would be beneficial to completely rebrand the center to UW Professional Developmental center or continuing education
Again, merchandising and other sorts of advertisement would be a great investment for the long run by bringing in more clientele and making a higher profit
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